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We have gone in Zaragoza, on the way visiting to the cities which have interested us, the blessing that on lines Spain is established indexes of sights and it is easy to be guided.

Small town Cetina, a few photo.

Square with a fountain
On a small town central square, necessarily there is any small fountain. Well, and in the big towns there are fountains big. On many squares in spanish cities there are small fountains, as this, especially utilitarian appointment — as drinking. Certainly, capital fountains rich Madrid, evolved in huge works of art (for example, the fountain Artichoke or fountain Neptune).

Church of San Juan Bautista
Church of San Juan Bautista, the XVIII-th century beginnings, but with all lines of medieval churches. Cathedrals, churches and monasteries — indispensable line of the Spanish cities.

Church of San Juan Bautista

Geodetic label before the cathedral
On the square before the cathedral to me such geodetic label has turned up here. Well, I think that the geodetic.

Remarkable Castle-palace Kevedo (spanish Castillo-palacio de Quevedo). Castle-palace Kevedo (spanish Castillo-palacio de Quevedo)

Castle-palace Kevedo (spanish Castillo-palacio de Quevedo)

Square in front of Castle Kevedo (spanish Castillo-palacio de Quevedo)

Fountain in front of Castle Kevedo (Fransisko de Kevedo, spanish don Francisco de Quevedo).

Cetina, a small street
Cetina, a small street.

Car Niva 2121

Niva 2121 4x4
And, about a miracle! Russian car, Niva 2121 4x4.

Castle-palace Cetina
Leaving, it is a little more views of a palace of Cetina.


And we have gone further, to Zaragoza.


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