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On island Mauritius there are a lot of churches and temples. Mainly, of course, the Hindu. The most interesting that near to a Hindu temple can be both Catholic cathedrals, and Muslim mosques, and unknown African branches of Christianity. Religions on island are closely bound, and mauritians are religious tolerance, is to that to learn to the whole world.

Church of sacred Fatimy of a photo — Mauritius
On road from Lagaletta in Tamarin such remarkable church of sacred Fatimy (french.: Notre Dame de Fatima).

Church of sacred Fatima

Has approached any Black woman, to pray.

Church of sacred Fatimy
During this moment no service existed, church empty. Pay attention that church actually opened.

Court yard of a Hindu temple
Hindus love bright colours and temples, and cult constructions on territories of temples, and fences around — all joyful colouring.

Hindu temple
It, most likely, still in combination and an apartment house.

Temple gate.

Glory to Mercedes!

Court yard of a Hindu temple


Entrance on temple territory
Entrance on temple territory. Lions on collars and fences meet on all island very often. On quality as a rule shameful, but nice.

Suddenly — a moped. On a background the attendant of a temple. Having seen me with the camera it has waved with a hand, inviting in a temple. Miss such possibility I could not.
Yes, an inscription on collars: «Sai Baba Mandir» Google Translate has translated me «Sai Woman Mandir». Thanks, Google!

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house
On walls hang both images of gods, and known priests.

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house
Sacred cow the White bull, rideable animal (Vahana) Shiva — very cool, judging by a glass sarcophagus is any significant gift (well or casually not to break, porcelain all the same).

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house
It, probably, Shiva with, a sword (a wisdom symbol), a bowl from a skull and a trident (symbolises three stages of evolution of the world — creation, maintenance and destruction).

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house
At the left in a corner the cassette (!) tape recorder.

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house

Furniture of a Hindu meeting-house

At the Hindu meeting-house
Near a Hindu meeting-house was the Christian (!) chapel adjoins. Here so together in one territory.

In a chapel
In a chapel.

Hindu temple
Literally in 50-70 metres one more temple, apparently completed.

Pink temple
Wonderful colouring!

Islamic mosque and madrasah
the Islamic mosque and madrasah.

Celebratory mosque, a photo — Mauritius
To island Mohammed's birthday of a mosque have been decked by flags (I was in the beginning of January).

Hindu temple
One more Hindu temple.

Hindu temple
And one more

Hindu temple




 One of gods



Sculptures over collars
Sculptures over collars. Probably to Shivu, Parvati and... Vishnu?
This temple had marvellously a high quality of sculptures. At the majority of other temples of island quality of external furnish the lowest.


Hindu temple

Except churches, meeting-houses, temples on island a large quantity of small chapels. Both near to houses and on roads.
Christian chapel at road
Is more largely. On the right — an unpretentious canopy, the blessing the climate allows. Garages on Mauritius are not present (well, about expensive country houses, but more often such canopies) very-very seldom come across.

Christian chapel at road to a rock
And is it is less.

Grotto of the Mother of god of Great Power of a photo — Mauritius
Grotto of the Mother of god of Great Power (french: Notre-Dame du Grand Pouvoir) — a niche in a slope with a figure of the Mother of god and candles. Is in territory of National park Black River Gorges without reaching metres 300 to Shamarel falls.

Notre-Dame du Grand Pouvoir, a statue of the Mother of god

Grotto-church — Mauritius
Prayer place in a grotto.

Grotto-church, a view from outside
Grotto-church, a view from outside.

And the most interesting inside: except Christian symbolics (crosses on walls) on a stone also Judaic (!) — David's star.

Grotto-church, a view inside

Grotto-church, a view inside

More often the Hindu come across, of course:
Hindu chapel at road
Especially on difficult mountain turns. Likely, that gods helped travellers not to depart after the journey.

Hindu chapel at road

Chapel near a country house
At each house of each Hindu costs a chapel. The sizes — depending on a prosperity, from tiny to here such.

Hindu chapel
Or such tiny.

Hindu chapel
Or such. And by all means there are red flags with a symbol of Hinduism.


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