Mauritius, Curepipe: city of the won constructivism

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Remarkable city on Mauritius, Curepipe different from all other settlements by the architecture — a city of the won constructivism and a functionalism. In French the city is called Curepipe.

Curepipe: a city of the won constructivism, photo — Mauritius

Catholic cathedral
Remarkable Catholic cathedral with a surprising mix of styles.

Bust to the prime minister and the president of Mauritius Anerood Jugnauth
Bust to the prime minister and the president Mauritius Anerood Jugnauth. The bare building with rusty кондеями on a background is as you likely have guessed, Municipal council of Curepipe.

Carnegie's Library
Carnegie's library

Local Rastaman. To me such picturesque any more did not come across.

Catholic cathedral of St. Theresa
Catholic cathedral of St. Theresa (french: Eglise Ste Therese).

Cathedral of St. Theresa (french: Eglise Ste Therese)

Cross in a cathedral court yard
Cross in a cathedral court yard.

Ancient colonial small house (L`hotel de ville)
Ancient colonial small house (french: L`hotel de ville). Unique, got to me in Curepipee. Here in Port Louis similar was much.

Drinking fountain
Drinking fountain. On Mauritius such it is not enough, because in few places there is a water supply and in general a huge problem with water.

Sculpture «Diana»
Diana. A remark of a classical sculpture.

Sculpture enamoured («Paul and Virginie»)
Sculpture «Paul and Virginie».

Local vagabond
Local vagabond. At us same, 1 in 1.

Huge tree
Huge tree.

Ancient mail box
Ancient mail box. By the way, at some country houses in other settlements remarks of ancient mail boxes come across. And here similar present.

nreal constructivism — the city market
Unreal building of the city market.

City market

 Thrown house
Thrown house and any shanty. In the centre, by the way.

Stela with the arms of Curepipe
Stela with the arms of Curepipe.

Street Curepipe
Voot and terry constructivism has gone.

Shopping arcade
Shopping arcade.

Shopping arcade

Monument to any fighters at Royal College
Monument to any fighters with something at Royal College. Was too lazy to approach more close, to read that it is written on a monument... In general, the history Mauritius was, in general bloodless. Well, small skirmishes at transition from Frenchmen to Englishmen.

Small streets:
Street Curepipe

Street Curepipe

Self-made car number
Attention to passing «bucket»: a car number — self-made! And it is an ordinary theme on Mauritius. About such self-made car numbers there will be a separate post.

Street index
At last, the index of the name of street (near to a cathedral of St. Theresa). The majority of indexes on Mauritius the self-made. This — a rare exception.

So, I have run all over the basic sights of centre Curepipe, photo have planed. The city is unequivocally recommended to visiting.

Yes, in Curepipe, among other things there is an embassy of the Russian Federation on Mauritius (the address: Queen Mary Avenue, Floreal). And still there is an old extinct volcano (french: Trou Aux Cerfs Volcano), and the embassy settles down nearby, at bottom.
Volcano in Curepipe of a photo — Mauritius

And round a volcano on top the foot path.

Road round a volcano

Road round a volcano

Also remarkable city views.
View on Curepipe from volcano top


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