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One of the most picturesque and known mountains Crimea — Ai-Petri and its top Three teeth. The local native, the Crimean Tatar, has persuaded us to go on top with it on a minibus for the same money, as the ticket for a rope-way.

Under top Ai-Petri there is a tiny settlement and a large quantity of trading lines and cafes.

 Orthodox cafe
Orthodox cafe, hasten to see!

Cafe on Ai-Petri
Overwhelming majority of cafe — Tatar. Shops with the goods, however, too.

Small house
Experimental wind-driven generator rotating round a vertical axis. As the local Tatar has told, the wind-driven generator has broken at the time of Soviet Union.

ablet: a panoramic view

High-mountainous dog.

Cafe Index

Chayhana and open-air trading
Chayhana and open-air trading. By the way, under top I recommend to try the Crimean dishes. And a domestic wine terribly tasty and cheap.

 Trading tent
Repertoire at all standard: products from the sheep wool, the Tatar headdresses. Well, still sweets come across.

 Trading tent, the goods from the sheep wool

 Toys from wool

 Tatars prepare national viands
Tatars on open fire prepare national viands.

Cash desk before lifting on Ai-Petri
Cash desk before lifting on Ai-Petri.

Cash desk before lifting on Ai-Petri, on a rock «Teeth»

 Urn for garbage

Stones on a slope

View from lifting

View from mountain Ai-Petri — the Nature of Crimea
Yet the top, and kinds already bewitch. From top it will be even smarter!

View from mountain Ai-Petri

Forest and stones — the Nature of Crimea
Road to the top, peaks «Three teeth» goes through wood on boulders.

Stones with arrows
On some stones are drawn the arrows specifying where it is better to rise.

Stones with arrows

Smilie on a tree

Radar on one of tops
Radar on one of tops in several kilometres.

Slope Ai-Petri
Fancifully bent pine, degrees on 20-30.

 Urn for garbage
Laughed from an inscription. And it is valid — what for?

Height above sea level — 1234 metres.

Slope of mountain Ai-Petri

And here locks.

Slope Ai-Petri
Downwards to look, frankly speaking, scary. With a paraplane to jump, likely, it is cool — aside exhausting slopes almost steep.

At top «Three teeth» mountains Ai-Petri — the Nature of Crimea

At top «Three teeth» mountains Ai-Petri

At top «Three teeth» mountains Ai-Petri

Falling highly — the Nature of Crimea
Amusing indexes at top Ai-Petri: «Falling highly!»

Indexes at top Ai-Petri: «Falling highly!»

View from top Ai-Petri a photo — the Nature of Crimea

Pair admires views


Slope Ai-Petri on which we rose
Slope Ai-Petri on which we rose.

# KrymNash of a photo
Peoples photographed with hashtag #CrimeaOurs (#КрымНаш).

Panorama from top Ai-Petri a photo — the Nature of Crimea

Have wandered, have admired, have gone downwards on a cable car.

Slope Ai-Petri a photo — the Nature of Crimea

Slope Ai-Petri

Slope Ai-Petri and coast of Black sea

Cable car

Cable car rising upwards on mountain Ai-Petri

Slope of mountain and coast of Black sea

Small house in wood
In the middle of dense wood has hidden a small house. The forest warden?

Intermediate station «Pine forest»
Intermediate station «Pine forest». To go further, it is necessary to show tickets so not облажайтесь — the main thing above, after purchase, not to throw out tickets.

Cable car Station «Pine forest»

Cable car
One cable car has gone on top.

Cable car
Another comes from below.

Descent on a rope-way

Descent on a rope-way, basic tower

Station Mishor
Station Mishor (sounds likely mis-hor).

Station Mishor
Everything, have arrived.

Rope-way, station Mishor


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