Crimea, Feodosia. Part 3

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Walk on Feodosia, continuation. The beginning: Crimea, Feodosia. Part 1 and Part 2.

Cinema «Crimea»
Cinema «Crimea».

Feodosia museum of antiquities
Feodosia museum of antiquities.

Cabriolet at an entrance in cafe on quay
Cabriolet at an entrance in cafe on quay.

Ancient gun at an entrance in cafe
the Ancient gun at an entrance in cafe. Tools and guns often meet in streets of the Crimean seaside cities.

Ancient country house
Wooden horse at the left on has separately pleased a photo.

Aivazovsky's Street
Aivazovsky's Street parallel to quay and the railway.


Ancient private residence
Ancient private residence in any Neobyzantian style.

Ancient private residence

Ancient private residence

Ancient private residence

Street cafes
Street cafes in the Aivazovsky street.

Stamboli Summer residence
Stamboli Summer residence.

Gate of the Stamboli Summer residence
Gate of the Stamboli Summer residence.

Monument to Chernobyls
Monument to Chernobyls.

Cinema «Ukraine»
Cinema «Ukraine».

House with hen houses
Scourge Feodosia — hen houses on balconies. The overwhelming majority of buildings is spoilt by owners.

Monument to apostle Andrey
Monument to apostle Andrey. As I understand — the newest.

Ancient small house

Small street to the sea

House with interesting windows
House with interesting windows (a bath?).

Same house near the sea
Same house near the sea.

Fireproof wall
Fireproof wall.

About Chess
Inscription at the left: «Chess (the hyphen is passed) mighty means of cultural education of people». In the distance a photo, in a corner it is visible that chess players were kneaded.

Small house which has grown with greens
Small house which completely has grown with greens.


Ancient small house

Suddenly — a cat. Guards an entrnce in gift shop.

Action! New Year's discounts!
Action! New Year's discounts! The beginning of June.

Monument to Pushkin
Monument to Pushkin.

Konstantin Tower
Konstantin Tower (the Genoa tower, XIV century).

Konstantin Tower (Genoa)

Something this bush reminds me. Forgive.

Aivazovsky's Fountain
Aivazovsky's Fountain — one of the main sights Feodosia.


Memorable colonnade Aivazovsky from pupils
Memorable colonnade Aivazovsky from pupils — a fountain to «Good genius». The background is interesting: Aivazovsky's second wife owned the Subashsky wellspring. Aivazovsky from a lordly shoulder has loaded with presents to a city in eternal using of 50 000 buckets of water a day (600 m³). Townspeople, in gratitude, build a fountain. There is an opinion that in lines of the girl Aivazovsky's wife — Anna Nikitichna Sarkisova is learnt. In days of occupation the fountain was destroyed, and restored rather recently — in 2004 to year. Yes, it was not primary colonnades, but current looks pleasantly, even you will not tell that new affairs.

Monument to vice-admiral Sokovnin
Monument to vice-admiral Nikolay Mihajlovich Sokovnin.

Sacred Ekaterina's Church
Sacred Ekaterina's Church in which read the burial service over Aivazovsky (as I was told by the local vagabond, most likely has told lies). During German occupation the church became operating (has been closed in 1937) and since that moment was one of few operating in Crimea churches.

Minute of an easy narcotism.

Went to church and has become tired.

Double-glazed window


Is better Feodosia Anton Pavlovich Chekhov has described : «in the Morning at 5 o'clock has desired to arrive to Feodosia — serovato-brown, sad and boring by sight small town. Grasses are not present, trees pity, soil coarse-grained, hopelessly lean. All is burnt out by the sun, and one smiles only the sea to which does not have affairs to small small towns and tourists. The bathing is good before that I, having plunged, began to laugh without the reason». Yes will forgive me that Theodosians, from the end of a XIX-th century has changed nothing in city :)


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