Crimea, Feodosia. Part 2

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Continuation, the beginning: Crimea, Feodosia. A part 1.

Fountain at the Summer residence of Stamboli
Fountain at the Summer residence of Stamboli.

Cannon from a submarine
Near to a museum of underwater archeology (Stamboli Summer residence), suddenly, сannon from a submarine.

Doors of the Summer residence of Stamboli
Doors of the Summer residence of Stamboli.

Feodosia differs special architectural heaps.

 Old small house

On all city surrenders habitation, signboards and indexes almost on each house.

Small street of Feodosia
Small street of Feodosia.

 Old small house
Air conditioning though hang on a facade, but are a little appreciable, since are painted under colour of a facade.

Small street of Feodosia

Gate. From above look through any windows.


Pavilion before boarding house
Pavilion before boarding house.


Windows and an arch in a wall


Label on a car, Т-34, 1941-1945
Glamour pink label on a car, Т-34, 1941-1945.

Street indexes

Small street of Feodosia

Small foot street of Feodosia
Small foot street with unusual lanterns. And on the right пидорасы понастроили hen houses on balconies — such everywhere across Feodosia.

Foot small street of Feodosia, an ancient stone blocks
Small piece of a historical stone blocks.

Ancient small house

Ancient small house

Urn at a building of a municipal government of Feodosia.

Advertising signboards on a facade

Check point Helena
I do not know that authors of a signboard, but in my representation of a check point — check-point meant.

Souvenir shop


On the house on the right the conditioner though hangs on a facade, but is painted under colour of walls and swept a little up.

Stub reminding to Ktulhu.

was glanced by us in this cafe. Besides, that on an entrance label in an Ukrainian, nearby hangs advertising with the prices in grivnas. In cafe kitchen in a greater degree Ukrainian and very tasty. But it seemed to me that Russian visitors concern cool (truth, without rudeness).

House with a huge penthouse
Penthouses spoil all Feodosia.


Dick 2
And one more on the next building.


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