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Series of photo «Summer garden lattice» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 2 pix


Summer garden is located nearby Mars field and from four parties is limited by the rivers. It Neva from the north, Fontanka from the east, the Swan flute from the West and in the south Moyka continuation. On park avenues less hundreds sculptures brought under the order Peter I from Italy are placed hardly. Actually the Summer garden lattice — a fencing in the north of park which on the proportions and beauty, is considered the most beautiful this sort of construction. 2 kinds of granite columns are connected by a pig-iron lattice simple, but graceful execution.

fencing construction is connected — with the device of granite quays Neva. Thus garden borders have not been mentioned, as passing a part and quay sidewalks — are laid on a bulk ground. Shod links of a lattice are executed in 1770 th They fixed on a granite socle between the columns topped later (1784) the gilt bronze vases­. The main art advantage of a fencing-in faultless proportions and simplicity of drawing.
(architect Ju. M.Felypen, P.E.Egorov, 17731784)

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