Panorama of Oreshek fortress

Panorama of Oreshek fortress photo - Shlisselburg
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23.08.2009  14:08

Panorama of Oreshek fortress on a photo

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photo near Shlisselburg
  • Golovin`s tower
  • Panorama of Oreshek fortress
  • Monument to defenders of a fortress
  • Manhole in a wall
  • Corridor

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Shlisselburg  City in Leningrad region, conducts the history from the basis of a fortress «Nutlet», the Novgorod prince Yury Danilovichem in 1323. Initially wooden fortress in 1353 has been reconstructed in a stone. Repeatedly passed from hand to hand, has definitively been won from Swedes in 1702 to year Peter ... →



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