Monument at the grave of Nikolay Mikhailovich Yadrintsev

Monument at the grave of Nikolay Mikhailovich Yadrintsev photo - Barnaul
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Monument at the grave of Nikolai Mikhailovich Yadrintsev with the inscription - «Sibirmen - to a writer, a reporter».. In 1894, Omich Nikolai Mikhailovich, at his own request, was appointed head of the statistical department of the Altai Mining District Office. Arriving at Barnaul, and having stayed there only 7 days, because of unrequited love being in the heat of passion, he committed suicide - he took poison in the house of merchant Sulin. And 10 years later, in 1904, fans of the writer`s talent erected this monument on the top of the Nagorny Park, the so-called Highland Cemetery, where outstanding Barnaul people are buried.

How you see, dear reader, cretins already in those times were confused with a dash, a hyphen and a minus sign.

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Barnaul — center of Altay region, founded in 1730 year.


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