Winter Vyborg

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The trip in Vyborg was unsuccessful — weather was absolutely sad.

Vyborg castle
Vyborg castle.

View to the castle in Vyborg

Lantern on a chain
Lantern on a chain.
Amazing small lamp accurately suspended on a chain over pass along a fortification of the Vyborg lock.

Winter Vyborg, a view from a fortress
Winter Vyborg, a view from a fortress

Small street of an old city

Small street in old city
Lanterns over street — the most correct decision not to fence columns. Street of the Water Outpost and a view on the Hour tower.

 Old town hall
Old town hall, monument to Knutsson — Vyborg founder.

Vyborg Palace

Vyborg Europe

Northern modern style
City central square, remained Finnish northern modern style. This style was not used almost in Russia unless very seldom it is possible to meet in St.-Petersburg (on Petrograd part, for example). Vyborg — a small islet of northern modernist style in Russia.

Monument to Lenin
Monument to Lenin.

Park Monrepo
In Monrepo it is necessary to go, of course, or in the summer, or it is even better in the mellow autumn. The most beautiful place!


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