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The final note about Novgorod, separately: churches and temples of Novgorod, monuments and sculptures of Novgorod and, of course, Novgorod Kremlin.

Government building of the Novgorod Region, city council, electoral commission and other authorities. Victory Square (Sofiyskaya), 1, Veliky Novgorod.

Novgorod Administration

Flagman Restaurant

The fake frigate on the embankment of the river Volkhov - Flagman restaurant. In Petersburg we also have a couple of similar "sailboats "is available - they are very popular among tourists, at least on the subject to photograph. This one is the same.

House O. M. Smetanina
O. M. Smetanina’s house (XIX century), now the Capital Construction Department, Novgorod , Bolshaya Moskovskaya street, 10.

Novgorod cat
Novgorod cat is harsh :) I continued to collect a collection of cats by cities of Russia . This photo is one of the best!

122-mm howitzer M-30
122-mm howitzer M-30, which is surprisingly established by the business (to the 65th anniversary of the Victory).

 The Maxim machine gun
The Maxim machine gun. Suddenly.

Models of tanks of the Second World War
Models of tanks of of the Second World War. Even more suddenly.

 Traffic Light
In Novgorod, one of the best traffic lights in Russia! Compact, bright, with a countdown inside the section. And note that it is located low, almost at eye level.

Volkhov Hotel
Volkhov Hotel. Fiercely won by Monsard ...

Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity. Leni Golikov. Palace of Pioneers
Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity. Leni Golikova (Palace of Pioneers). Nice simple Stalin`s times building, but a photo for the collective-kitsch bus stop.

River Trams
River Trams at the Pier.

Chinese tourists
There are A LOT of Chinese, which surprised me a lot. There are no guides who know Chinese in Novgorod, and tourists just wander around the Kremlin and the surrounding area.

Wedding locks
This game is all over the country ...

 Trade in souvenirs
Trade in souvenirs, Yaroslav's Court and Bargaining. The seller of knitted cats said that the photo is paid, 100 p. I was so taken aback that I did not send him to the dick.

Novgorod-on-Volkhov with a swift jerk breaks out into the world leaders in the competition "The Most Wild Benches". Even if you omit the aesthetic aspects - the bench is frankly inconvenient, on it if you only sleep in a booze (then completely).

 Typical street of Novgorod
Asphalt in Novgorod is not bad, but there are practically no sidewalks ... It is worth noting that just 5-7 years ago the roads were dead.

 Typical street of Novgorod

 Typical street of Veliky Novgorod

Wooden pavement

 Old wooden house
As I understand it, during the installation of ugly double-glazed windows, carved windows were covered ... But the house is still pleasant, even without siding.

 Old wooden house
And this house had all the carvings, except for the balcony columns ...

 Old wooden house
And this house used to be more beautiful.

Wooden beauty is sewn with siding
Wooden beauty is sewn with ugly siding ...

Novgorod street

Mouse! Suddenly.

Duck! Even more suddenly :)

Private New Building
Private New Building. Well, it could be better, but nothing.

Novgorod Street

Flower beds
Someone from the inhabitants was not too lazy to break a flower bed. Well done!

Novgorod street

 Unusual decision at home
An unusual decision at home, perhaps it was once more interesting.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds! Suddenly.

Novgorod street

 Unusual House
And another unusual house. Probably on the foundation of something pre-war (even pre-revolutionary).

Novgorod Street

Street Fedorovsky Brook
With road markings and road signs in Novgorod is more or less normal, and along the street Fedorovsky Brook is broken a chic pedestrian alley. And only in Russia, unregulated intersections through several lanes ...

Street Fedorovsky Brook
The street is named after an ancient stream that flowed into the river on the right Volkhov.

Stunned, almost in the very center of the pipeline is an external one. I’m mad at Pskov.

Pleasant bicycle parking
Pleasant bicycle parking, they began to appear en masse in most cities of Russia, which is good news.

Street of Novgorod
The girls shot a cigarette at me. And I was so taken aback that I treated myself to a fright, although obviously shkolota.

Street of Novgorod
Put a wrought fence and block plastic - a fierce collective farm ...

Wooden house
Former beauty remained only on the balcony of the second floor ... And then partially.

New Mansions
New Mansions are nothing. And the fences are generally gorgeous, forged and transparent.

Dream House
Dream House!

Novgorod street

Soviet art
Soviet art. I love such artifacts.

Stalin`s times building on Fedorovsky Stream Street
Stalin`s times building on Fedorovsky Stream Street.

Street of Novgorod
What good fellows - no rubbish on the balconies and not covered with glass.

House with balconies

View: D A sort of robot.


Bus stop
One of the best bus stops. Aesthetically, of course, porn, but long!

Severe childhood
Monument to severe childhood :)

As in the village
As in the village :) True, this is already the outskirts.

 Old and New
Old and New.

 Old and old
Old and old.

New and New
New and New :)

About a horse.

The Square at the College of Arts. S.V. Rachmaninov (former CultProsvetUniversity).

Lion Bench and Mosaic Tree
At the entrance to the college there is a cool lion bench and a pleasant mosaic tree.

Flower bed in the park of the 30th anniversary of October
Flower bed in the park of the 30th anniversary of October.

Lantern "tired".

View of the Volkhov River
View of the Volkhov River, the embankment killed in the trash and the giant modernism of the Novgorod Academic Drama Theater F. M. Dostoevsky. Built in 1984 - 1987 years.

About signs
Who guesses what is on the signs is a toffee.

A street along the defensive wall
A street along the defensive wall. Warm, lamp, cozy.

 The guardroom at the Moscow outpost
The guardroom at the Moscow outpost. By the fifth point I guessed that something was historical and interesting. On Bolshaya St. Petersburg Street, a similar guardhouse is slightly different.

Anchor on the fence
Anchor. Suddenly.

Flower vases and view of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge
Flower vases and view of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge. A bus that drove up behind me signaled :) Well, yes, I was standing on the very edge of the pavement, immediately moved to the right.

Flower Vases
Flower vases are gorgeous. Probably the same years as the bridge (1954 year). Who designed this descent PROMAZAL :) can be seen on a zebra.

 The saws of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge
The saws of the Alexander Nevsky Bridge are excellent.

 The propile design element
The propylene design element.

View of the Volkhov and the Alexander Nevsky Embankment
View of the Volkhov and the Alexander Nevsky Embankment.

View of the Volkhov and the Alexander Nevsky Embankment

View of the Volkhov and the Alexander Nevsky Embankment

Pump station
The unusual round building on the left is a pump station.

Fire tower
Fire tower

Veliky Novgorod is a city of military glory
"Veliky Novgorod is a city of military glory", reads the sign on the Stalin`s times building.

 The guardroom on Bolshaya St. Petersburg Street
The Guardroom on Bolshaya St. Petersburg Street.

Boy on rollers and scooter
It is absolutely incomprehensible how the boys live to at least 20 ... I know it myself.

Novgorod cat
Novgorod cat scratched busily somewhere.

Glazed balconies
A couple of adequate planted flowers on the balconies, the collective farmers - tightly glazed.

Craft unit
Another hipster craft unit.

Shawarma with marbled beef
Shawarma with marbled beef! Get pissed.

Shopping center Volna
The domination of advertising ... The shopping center "Volna"(Wave) is a former factory with the same name. Signs of the time - in the saints of the 90s, the plant died, in its place a regular shopping center.

Steampunk! Much mad with such a riveted canopy. Beauty! Some ship elements, I suppose.

Bus stop
It’s quite a bus stop. It could be better, of course, at least in terms of convenience. Outwardly, of course, poor.

Kapets pavement :) life did not prepare me for this. Well, if it’s a jungle of the private sector, it’s a block from the railway station.

Building of the former Novgorod bus station
Building of the former bus station of Novgorod. Beauty!

 The most beautiful building of schaverma in Russia
The most beautiful building of shaverma in Russia :)


«Swallows» are awesome electric trains! Tip: choose tickets with seats, «Swallows» St. Petersburg - Novgorod have only 1 car with seats (seemingly the 5th), the rest are common and how lucky. Go within 4 hours, if you need sockets for the laptop, then they are near the door.

In general, I was pleased with Novgorod, I expected to see such a pleasant town. The most platinum from the trip is, of course, Monter and Cat Sculpture.


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