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To open visa and shopping, we have gone to the Finnish city on border with RussiaLappeenranta.

Day has stood out good and with interesting overcast. Photo left much.

Angela, Lappeenranta
«Angela» modern sculpture (Enkeli, «Reikäenkeli», «Särkynyt enkeli») in square before church Lauritsala.

In this small square very cool benches. Same come across on all city.

Photo of Church Lauritsala — Lappeenranta

Church Lauritsala
Church Lauritsala amazes with the architecture. It is constructed in 1969 (under the project of 1958), architects of Tojvo Karhonen (Toivo Korhonen) and Jaaakko Laapotti (Jaakko Laapotti).

Other name of church — «Heavenly light». The church form an equipotential triangle which symbolises the Sacred Trinity. Well and Lauritsala is big area in the east Lappeenranta.

Belltower and the Memorial to orphans of war of a photo — Lappeenranta
Belltower and Memorial to orphans of war.

Monument before an entrance on the cemetery
Monument to the Fourth infantry regiment before an entrance in the central park and military cemetery Lappeenranta.

The central park — an old cemetery and military burial places Winter and World War II wars.

 Old tombs in the central park of Lappeenranta

 Old tombs in the central park of Lappeenranta
Old tombs in the central park Lappeenranta.

Monument «Grief and Belief in the future»
Monument «Grief and Belief in the future» — to inhabitants Lappeenranta, fallen in fights Winter and World War II wars.

 Tomb of Olympic champion Kalle Ialkanen

 Tomb of Olympic champion Kalle Ialkanen
All gravestones identical, the tomb of the Olympic champion Kalle Ialkanen which was lost on September, 15th, 1941 (most likely on Karelian isthmus near Leningrad) is evident.

Plate, memories fallen in Winter war of a photo — Lappeenranta
The big site of a military cemetery in the central park Lappeenranta with burial places fallen in Winter war.

Photo of St. Maria's Church — Lappeenranta
St. Maria's church, evangelicheski-Lutheran arrival of Lappe. Church in the form of a double cross if to look from above — rare and unusual configuration. In the foreground — gate of the central park (which part as I spoke — a military cemetery).

St. Maria's Church in Lappeenranta

Memorial of the «Last generations»
Memorial of the «Last generations». A monument in the form of a sail from a red granite — a gift of sculptor Veikko Jalavan to a city (1974).

Domes of church of Lappeenranta
Domes of church of Lappeenranta.

Belltower of Lappeenranta

The Belltower of Lappeenranta in the central park of a city.

Monument fallen in Civil war of a photo — Lappeenranta
The monument is established in the central park Lappeenranta in 1920 in honour «white» (acting on the party of the Finnish Senate), fallen in Civil war of 1918.

Index of distance to cities
The index of distance to cities.

Ancient house — Lappeenranta The attractive ancient house with interesting architecture. Nowadays department store «Sokos» and restaurant (the address: Valtakatu 33, at the corner of the central park). The surprising house in style of the Finnish modernist style. The XX-th century beginnings presumably.

Valtakatu, 32 — Lappeenranta
And it already rather modern building in style functioanism, 1986 of construction.

Monument to the Saimaa seal, Lappeenranta
Monument to the Saimaa seal on a foot zone of Oleksi. On a background the belltower and, actually, the central park with a military cemetery is seen.

Foot zone of Oleksi, Lappeenranta

Bench on a foot zone of Oleksi
Foot zone of Oleksi.

Walking train
On the centre Lappeenranta plies such here children's train, rolling tourists.

Former city town hall, Lappeenranta
The former city town hall. In the Russian empire the municipal duma should be stone, but in view of poverty Lappeenranta, by way of exception, the emperor has permitted a wooden town hall. Surprisingly, but till 80th years of the last century the municipal duma sat at this building Lappeenranta, well and nowadays — a museum.

Former city town hall of Lappeenranta

Lantern at a town hall on an emblem
Lantern at a town hall — a popular local symbol: here, for example, a small restaurant logo. And a lantern really fine.

Former town hall of Lappeenranta

 Old town hall of Lappeenranta

Monument to the Finnish cavalry — Lappeenranta
Monument to the Finnish cavalry (finnish: Suomen ratsuväen muistomerkki) about the Nikolaev redoubt and church of Lappeenranta. Rather modern monument, 1963.

Church of Lappeenranta — Lappeenranta Church of Lappeenranta. Compare with a photo Church of Lappeenranta in the beginnings of March. In the summer church and the Nikolaevsky redoubt (defensive strengthenings round church) are buried in verdure.

Nikolaevsky redoubt and Church of Lappeenranta

Let's move further.

Monument to the Finnish aces, gentlemen of the Knightly cross — Lappeenranta Monument to three Finnish aces, gentlemen of the Knightly cross of Mannerheim (the higher military award of Finland):
  • Eino Ilmari Juutilainen 94 victories, twice the gentleman of the Knightly cross
  • Eino Antero Luukkanen 56 victories
  • Risto Olli Peter Puhakka 42 victories

    • Total, for three they destroy 192 Russian planes, have passed two wars (Winter and World War II) and all three remained are live.

      Monument to the Finnish pilots, gentlemen of the Knightly cross of Mannerheim

      The monument is located near to Mecca of Russian shuttles — supermarket Prisma, in years of the Second World War here there was an airdrome of the Finnish Air Forces.

      Let's walk on lake Saimaa coast.

      Boat on the lake Saimaa — Lappeenranta

      Boats mooring — Lappeenranta

      Boats and yachts — Lappeenranta

      Boats — Lappeenranta

      Over a bay the rests of defensive shaft, initially Swedish, fortresses of Vilmanstrand tower.

      Museum of Southern Kareliya — Lappeenranta
      The museum is located in buildings of two arsenals (powder cellars).

      Lantern on a wall of a building of the former arsenal

      Memorial in memory killed «red» Finns — Lappeenranta
      Memorial in memory of the "red" Finns shot here in 1918-19 several hundred. Approximately 250 from them have been buried nearby. Remains перезахоронены in 1943. A fortress of Vilmanstrand, a memorial it is located near to cases of the former arsenal, nowadays the Museum of Southern Kareliya.

      French 90-mm gun — Lappeenranta
      On a parade-ground before buildings of the former arsenal there are two French guns 90 K/77 field artillery de Bange the sample of 1877.

      Popular model of the First World War. Such 100 guns France has presented Finland during Winter war.

      From shaft of a fortress of Vilmanstrand the remarkable view on a bay opens. The fortress initially was under construction by Swedes, even during the Swedish occupation of Finland. Then active participation in its reorganisation was accepted by Alexander Vasilevich Suvorov. Suvorov supervised over construction/alteration of several more fortresses in Finland (somehow, he fell into disgrace with the empress, Suvorov has gone to the empress and has asked though any appointment for itself, Catherine II has given the commission the column to go to a princedom Finnish and to be engaged in building of fortresses).

      I try to collect almost all sights of Lappeenranta, photos by a part left successful.

      Let's take a walk on small streets: Brushes for clearing of wheels of a bicycle
      Nano-technological brushes for clearing of wheels of a bicycle, such almost at each door.

      Wooden houses
      Lappeenranta — a city, mainly, wooden. Both many houses wooden and wooden fences practically everywhere.

      Wooden houses

      School Eliasa Lyonnrota
      School Eliasa Lyonnrota (in honour of the Finnish linguist of a XIX-th century, Eliasa Lyonnrota, the researcher of karelo-Finnish of the epos «Kalevala»).

      Suspension bridge over road
      Suspension bridge over road.

      Road repair
      Road to Finland it is better than in Russia, but ambushes with repair come across such here.

      ne of buildings of Military academy
      One of buildings of Military academy. The military academy (Maasotakoulu) is school of defensive ground forces and school of infantry armed forces of Finland.

      Glazed doors
      Entrance doors almost everywhere with glasses. Finns do not suffer such paranoia, as Russian (at us all doors deaf persons, except shops and banks, unless).

      Showcase of gift shop

      Showcase of gift shop
      Showcase of gift shop. Familiar all persons! Posters are is very interesting made. At Finns in general with design all very much even is good (truth traffic signs a bit ugly and sometimes too small indexes — not to read).

      Benches near the house
      Each house, not very well private or multiroom, has benches, a swing and flowerpots with colours.

      In the centre Lappeenranta houses of different age and styles and everyone is in own way interesting. House with the pleasant architectural decision

      House. Any subspecies of a modernist style, on architectural style

      Entrance and a signboard
      The most correct kind of a signboard. Well both a entrance and drawing of windows — very much even attractive.

      Glider in flight
      And at this time over a city the glider flied, some times flying up with the help лёгкомоторного the plane and then slowly planning over Lappeenranta.

      Grandmother with a bast basket
      The grandmother with a bast basket, goes from supermarket Prisma. The wattled bast basket has shaken me to depth of soul, I it did not see hundred years.

      Athletic field
      Simple and functional illumination of athletic field.

      ld model of Volvo
      While walked, has absolutely casually stumbled about such remarkable car. Saw some more curiosities, but from the car had not time to photograph.

      Well, and at last:
      Car of the Finnish police — Lappeenranta
      Likely, the most abrupt police car in the world.

      Part of photos I have got tired to level and extend and have laid out «as is».

      The previous trip to the beginning of March: Lappeenranta, the Finnish city on border with Russia.


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