Lappeenranta — Finnish city on border with Russia

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The main church (kirche) Lappeenranta
Lappeenranta, Finnish city on border with Russia — a place of pilgrimage of domestic Petersburgers.

So, Lappeenranta views.

Town hall, Lappeenranta

In the Russian empire the municipal duma (council) should be in stone, but in view of poverty Lappeenranta, by way of exception, the emperor has permitted a wooden town hall. Surprisingly, but till 80th years of the last century the municipal duma sat at this building Lappeenranta, well and nowadays — a museum.

The main church (kirche) Lappeenranta
Church of Lappeenranta

One of views of a city Lappeenranta — Lappeenrannan kirkko — the project of the Petersburg architect G. A. Kosjakov, put as a monument to the 300 anniversary of Romanovs and regimental church of 20th dragoon Finnish regiment, in the celebratory premilitary man blest 1913 year. After finnish independence the church is completed and altered by Finland in Lutheran, but has strongly pronounced lines of orthodox russian architecture.

In city centre there is a cosy park and a cemetery of heroes (mainly Winter and World War II wars). In the same park Sacred Maria's church and a wooden belltower of a XIX-th century:

the Belltower, Lappeenranta

Belltower (finnish: Kellotapuli), a wooden building of the middle of a XIX-th century in the centre Lappeenranta, near to St. Maria's church (finnish: Lappeen Marian kirkko).

At an enter on a cemetery small monuments:

Monuments at an enter on a military cemetery of Lappeenranta

Military cemetery of Lappeenranta. On the right — ancient burial places of the beginning XX century. On-centre and at the left — extensive burial places fallen in Winter war and in World War II.

Military cemetery of Lappeenranta (finnish: Lappeen sankarihautausmaa)

Military cemetery of Lappeenranta

Monument at an enter on a cemetery of heroes, a military cemetery of Lappeenranta

In the central street, Kauppakatu along which the park and a cemetery is broken, except set of little shops there is a cosy monument to one of city symbols — the Saimaa seal.

Monument to the Saimaa seal in Lappeenranta

Weather was average despondency, time was a little. The fortress and other sights of Lappeenranta will be next time!

At last,

how to travel Lappeenranta

from St.-Petersburg: on days off from metro station «Black river», early in the morning with 6 to 7 am, the jamb of chock-full buses goes — our savages-with go shopping to «Finn». Returning in the same afternoon late at night.


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