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Train station Penza I
The Penza I train station is excellent, spacious. This building - 1975 + 11-storey hotel.

Sculpture "Traffic Light Tree"

Sculpture "Traffic Light Tree"
Traffic lights are working and turn on in the evening.

Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor, Penza, Moskovskaya St., 91.

Moscow street
Pedestrian part of Moscow street.

Penza Regional Drama Theater
Penza Regional Drama Theater. A.V. Lunacharsky. Penza, Moskovskaya street, 89 (Bakunina, 25).

Former Meat Passage
Former "Meat Passage", Moskovskaya St., 85. The most beautiful building in Penza !

Sign "I love Penza"
Sign "I love Penza", Penza, the pedestrian part of Moscow Street.

Sculptural composition "The Final Touch"
The sculptural composition "The Final Touch".

This monument is dedicated to the jewelers of Penza. He has his own legend: if you look through the ring into the eye of a jeweler and make a wish, then rub the shoe - it will come true.

At the feet of a jeweler a funny cat :)

Architect: V. Kuznetsov; sculptor: G. Feoktistov.

Monument to V.I. Lenin
Monument to V.I. Lenin on the Penza Square of the same name.

Opened November 6, 1959.
Authors: sculptor E.V. Vuchetich and architect N.F. Brovkin.

Behind the monument is the government building of the Penza region.

Former fish passage

Former Fish Passage (built in 1900s), currently - Empire Shopping Center. Penza, Moscow street, 73.

It is interesting that in the Soviet years the building was completely closed from the square. Lenin’s movie screen, which sometimes even showed something. It is said that it was this screen that saved the building from demolition, since it was believed that its architecture was discordant with the image of the main square of the socialist city.

Sculpture "Penzyak the bastard"
Sculpture "Penzyak the bastard"

Caption: "Penzyak thick-legged. The birth of this statement is popular rumor prescribed to Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov. During the passage of Russian troops through the Alps in 1799, almost all soldiers, except the Penza, rubbed their feet to blood. At the request of Suvorov to explain this circumstance, the penza showed him double heel socks, which were knitted in their edges. In response, Alexander Vasilyevich exclaimed: “Well done, well, thick-bones!”

Architect: Sculptor: G. Feoktistov.

“Casket of“ Russian folk proverbs “”
"Casket of" Russian folk proverbs "" in the square of the same name in Penza. Opened November 13, 2010.

Author: Honored Artist of Russia Valery Kuznetsov. The sculptural composition was created as part of the MegaFon Gives a Legend project. For example, the company gave Ufa aKunitsa House ”.

The inscription on the pedestal: "The hero of the sculptural composition is Ivan Lachinov, a resident of the city of Penza, a descendant of the first Penza governor, a brave soldier, a well-known collector of Russian proverbs and sayings."

The most famous Russian proverbs and sayings are carved on the sides: “the courage of the city takes”, “we must take care of what will happen tomorrow”, “you can’t easily catch a fish from the pond” and “an old friend is better than the new two”.

Bust to Denis Davydov
Bust of Denis Davydov in the same square in Penza. It is established in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Sculptor: V. Kurdov.

Park them. Pushkin
Park them. Pushkin. The park was organized back in 1899, in honor of the centenary of the poet. Do you see Babu Yagu?

Baba Yaga on a tree
Here she is!

Park them. Pushkin
Funny wooden houses are installed in the park, also a reference to Pushkin's fairy tales

Small log house
Small log home. Beauty!

Meyerhold House
Meyerhold House, Penza, Volodarsky Street, 59. An old wooden house built in 1881.

Cableway station
Cableway Station, Penza, ul. Pushkin, 8. It is unfortunate that it does not work (most likely it will not). It was launched in 1994, but worked only 6 years.

Cableway station (lower)
Cableway station (lower).

Mansion of merchant Ivan Georgievich Martyshkin
Mansion of merchant Ivan Georgievich Martyshkin, 72 Krasnaya Str.

Museum of Local Lore
Museum of Local Lore, a former hostel of the Women's Diocesan School. Penza, Krasnaya Str. 73. The building of the late XIX - early XX centuries.

122-mm howitzer sample 1938 (at the Museum of Local Lore)
122-mm howitzer sample 1938 (at the Museum of Local Lore).

The former administrative building of the Penza pasta factory
Former office building of Penza Pasta Factory, Penza, ul. Lermontova, 24. The factory died in 2007, now various cafes and offices are replacing each other.

Art object "First Cat's Bank"
Art object "The First Cat's Bank", Penza, near the house number 49 on Red Street.
Cat Mitka leaned on a crutch and begs for alms. The empty hat has a hole for coins that fall into the safe.

Sculptor: G. Feoktistov.

The estate of the merchant Nikolai Alekseevich Alekseev
The estate of the merchant Nikolai Alekseevich Alekseev
The former estate of the merchant Nikolai Alekseevich Alekseev ( 1875 ), Penza, 3, Volodarsky ave.

Manor of Maria Elizabeth Augustovna Hoffmeister
Manor of Maria Elizabeth Augustovna Hoffmeister
The estate belonged to the wife of the college registrar Maria-Elizabeth Augustovna Hoffmeister, from her, by deed of purchase, the house passed to the wife of the famous doctor Olga Iosifovna Kopylova. The house is the end of the XIX century, so the facades are made in modern style.

Sculpture "Lady with a dog"
The sculpture "Lady with the Dog", Penza, near the house number 9 on the street Volodarsky. The sculpture is not related to the Chekhov heroine, but embodies the collective image of the owners of this house.

Monument to the First Settler
Monument to the first settler.
The monument was erected in 1980 and is located in the historical part of the city, where the Penza fortress was erected in 1663, on a hillside near the confluence of the Penza and Sura rivers. The people say "man with a horse" or simply "horse". Observation deck with city view.

Transfiguration Monastery
Transfiguration Monastery and Transfiguration Church - the oldest building in Penza, it was laid in 1735, and completed in 1750.

Museum of one painting
Museum of one painting to them. G.V. Myasnikov, Penza, st. Kirova, 11. The idea is that some painting from the collection of the Penza Museum of Art is exhibited, a film is shown for about 40 minutes telling about a painting, an artist, an era, then the curtain rises and everyone goes to watch a masterpiece.

Holy Trinity Convent
Holy Trinity Convent, Penza, ul. Kirova, 25.

Sculpture " Cuckoo Clock ", Penza, square at the fountain square. Established in the fall of 1974.

Cathedral Mosque
Penza Cathedral Mosque, st. Bakunin, 10. The mosque was designed by architect V.P. Semechkin, built in 1893 - 1894.

Penza River Embankment
The embankment of the Penza River is excellent, as I understand it, it has been landscaped quite recently and work is still underway.

House of red brick, Moscow street, 107
The house of red brick (the so-called brick style), Moscow street, 107.

Moskovskaya St., 103. Apartment building of the late XIX beginning of XX centuries
Moskovskaya St., 103. Apartment building of the late XIX beginning of XX centuries.

St. Bakunin, 58, 56, 54, apartment buildings late XIX
St. Bakunin, 58, 56, 54, apartment buildings of the late XIX century.

Brick and wooden house, Bolshaya Radischevskaya St., 10a
Brick and wooden house, Bolshaya Radischevskaya St., 10a

Wooden houses, Kuraeva, 35
Wooden houses, Kuraeva, 35.

Carved wooden house, 69 Krasnaya Str.
Carved wooden house, 69 Krasnaya Str.

Brick style, st. Lermontova, 13
Brick style, st. Lermontov, 13.

Brick and wooden house, Karl Marx, 7
Brick-and-wooden house, Karl Marx, 7. There is a memorial plate on the house that the Lithuanian poetess Salome Neris lived in this house.

A variety of interesting antiquities in the city is very much, one day you can’t see everything. Judging by the small number of cafes and taverns, with incomes in Penza is not particularly. Waiting for the train, he went to look for a brewery and in it he met a fellow traveler from the last train.


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