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In Samara, to my surprise, there were quite a lot of interesting monuments and sculptures. Selected photos. Detochkin cordially meets those leaving the Samara railway station. Sculpture "Detochkin"
The sculpture “Detochkin” is the first sight, which welcomes guests of Samara, leaving Komsomolskaya Square from the newest railway station. It is established in honor of the 85th anniversary of Samara honorary citizen Eldar Ryazanov. Sculpture movie hero installed on November 9, 2012.
Monument to the revolution fighters

Monument to the fighters of the revolution, such as monuments to Lenin, is almost in all cities of Russia.
Stella Rook
Stela Rook - one of the symbols of Samara, the fourth turn of the October Embankment.
Avant-garde sculpture
Avant-garde sculpture on the waterfront in Samara.
Monument to Prince Zasekin
Monument to the first commander and founder of Samara Prince Grigory Zasekin. And the girls were passing by, probably filing video with the help of a phone and a selfie sticks.
Monument to the conquerors of space
Monument to the conquerors of space and another restaurant clearly with gorgeous views of the Volga.
The monument is clearly of Soviet times and very pleasant.
Monument to the Young Navy
Monument to the youngsters of the Navy, pupils of the Solovki school.
Monument to the sailors
Monument to the sailors and ships.
Monument of Glory
The Monument of Glory is one of the symbols of Samara. On a 40-meter pedestal there is a figure of a worker holding wings in raised hands. The monument on the eponymous square symbolizes the contribution of Samarans to the creation of the country's aviation industry, opened on November 5, 1971.
Glory Monument, postcard view

Monument battery
Monument to the battery on the wall of the Samara State District Power Station, repeating the first batteries installed 150 years ago within the walls of the Samara Art Museum, while decorated in the Art Nouveau style. One of the most warm monuments of Russia.
Monument to the brewer
The sculpture composition " Samara Brewer ". Address: Samara, Volzhsky Avenue, Building Well, the young ladies are photographed for memory.
Monument to Sukhov
Monument to Comrade Sukhov, a fictional movie hero from the movie “White Sun of the Desert".
Barge Haulers on the Volga
Sculpture " Barge haulers on the Volga". At this moment a group of tourists came to the sculpture with a guide, who told the story of the monument and the paintings of Repin.
Sculpture "Barge boats on the Volga"

Lenin monument
Monument to Lenin.
150 years of the Samara province
150 years of the Samara province - a stele topped with a double-headed eagle (the intersection of Kuibyshev and Leningradskaya streets. On the left is a pleasant merchant mansion.
"Uncle Styopa Militiaman"
Uncle Styopa Militiaman ” - a new monument, 2015, installed at the intersection of Leningradskaya and Molodogvardeiskaya streets, the author (surprisingly) - Zurab Tseretely.
The dog at the feet of the policeman
Funny dog ​​at the feet. The rest of the attractions of Samara are laid out separately.


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