New Year on Mauritius

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Mauritius — a fantastic place. All year long temperature around 24-30 degrees. In the winter, especially around New Year, there are a lot of Russian tourists.

Advertising, the invitation to celebrate New Year
Invitation in Russian to celebrate New year at small restaurant. Ira and Jackson :)

Restaurant advertising in Russian

Fur-tree at shopping centre
Fur-tree at shopping centre. Basically on island artificial fur-trees, or are decorated palm trees. Well, hardly on Mauritius find fur-trees.

Palm tree with a garland
Palm tree with a garland. In general, garlands meet seldom, only at the big shops. And more often over streets triangular tags are hanged out. In Buddhist quarters alternation orange and red, in Muslim — green and white, and in Christian — orange, white and dark blue. On very rare houses/country houses there are shone garlands, and plastic imitations of branches the fur-trees braided in a circle on American manners sometimes come across.

 Tree Ornament

Fireworks for New Year
Well, our fireworks were such :)

Fireworks for New Year

New Year's fireworks
In the morning all beach was in petards, bottles from champagne. The blessing, beaches clean.

It was extremely unusual to me to meet New Year without snow. For the first time in life! But, memoirs will be on all life, certainly.


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