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In сrater lake in the centre of Mauritius there is sacred for Hindus lake Ganga Talao or the Grand Bassin.

Sacred lake Ganga Talao, photo — Hindu temples
At the left behind trees the huge statue of Shiva.

In the end of a XIX-th century to one Hindu priest, by name of Triole, waters of Ganges in a smooth surface of lake have come in dream and it has named Grandee Bassen (french) — «the Second Ganges». And since that moment of times in a year (in February or March as will go) at night Shiva of ten thousand Hindus visit this place.

Sacrificial curbstones around lake of Ganga Talao

Sacrificial curbstones around lake.

Lake Ganga Talao

Small islet at the left: it is considered that got on this island shortly will die.

Lake Ganga Talao
Lake Ganga Talao — the main Hindus relic in Mauritius.

Around lake the temple complex of isolated structures.

Hindu temple at lake Grandee Bassen
Hindu temple at lake Grandee Bassen.

Hindu temple at lake Grandee Bassen
I was amazed with wretchedness of architecture. Time it, actually the second «Mecca», why such poor quality of furnish of temples? Many other temples on island are surpassed by these in quality of study of elements.

Pantheon of gods
Pantheon of gods. In Hinduism some the main deities.

Hinduism Symbol, photo — Hindu temples
Hinduism Symbol.

Sacrificial gifts of a photo — Hindu temples
Round sacred lake of Ganga Talao are established curbstones, on which Hindus put sacrificial gifts to the gods. As a rule it is fruit.

Below at lake one more religious structure:
Hindu temple at lake of Ganga Talao


Figures of snakes
Figures of snakes.

Statue of priest Triole
Statue of priest Triole (french: Tiolet), what named this lake Ganges. On a background a dark blue statue — god Shiva (after him bitten a snake, it he has a little turned blue) and goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of abundance, prosperity, riches, good luck and happiness. Well and — an embodiment of grace, beauty and charm).

Statue of a sacred cow
Statue of the sacred cow esteemed Hindus as mother.

Red tags with a symbol Hinduism
Red tags with a symbol Hinduism. Such tags everywere in Mauritius on houses of each Hindu.

Statue of god Hanuman
Statue of god Hanuman — an apelike deity, the son of god of a wind Vayu and Apsara Pundzhistala. Thanks to a cult of this god in India feed the homeless of monkeys.

Statue of preacher Gin of Mahavira
Statue of the preacher of Gin of Mahavira — the contemporary of the Buddha and the founder of Jainism.

Family of Hindus
Family of Hindus, their any religious ritual.

 Temples over lake
Temples over lake.

 Temples over lake

 Temples over lake
One of our tourist was not kept and rang the bell.

Huge sculpture was under construction, goddess Durga and a copy
Huge sculpture was under construction (she is goddess Durga, under some statements — Shiva's wife) and nearby a small copy as the monument will look when it will be built up.

nder construction huge sculpture of Durga
the Under construction huge sculpture of Durga (Durga Maa). This goddess it is accepted depict multiarmed and with a lion to whom it fighted against demon Mahishi.

Huge statue of Shiva, photo — Hindu temples
The statue of Shiva with its trident is a copy from lake Sursagar Vadodara in Goudjarat in India (french: Sursagar à Vadodara dans le Goudjarat). It is opened in 2007 and in height of 36,5 metres (107 foots). Such vast object is visible for some kilometres, plus to that lake at height of 549 metres above sea level, and Shiva also on an eminence over Ganga Talao.

Huge statue of god Shiva
Huge statue of god Shiva over sacred lake Ganga Talao.

Road to Ganga Talao
We at first have thought that it is a huge automobile parking. Under the specified data of investigation it is road to lake that the pilgrims going on foot (on foot from the house to temples), did not disturb to automobile movement. It is possible to present how many here to the people Shivy gathers in time of night!

Road to Ganga Talao


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