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Next city on Mauritius which we have visited, was Flacq or Central Flacq or Santr de Flacq). Small town (well, likely average to local measures), basically built up with country houses on perimetre and two-storeyed shanties in the centre. At me was a pair of clocks on fluent survey. So, a few photo.

 Old church, a meeting-house
Attractive old building, something like a meeting-house or the community house.

 Old building
Same building.


Ritual small house
Ritual small house at a country house of Hindu.

Country house of Hindu
One more country house of Hindu and too a ritual small house, it is indispensable with a dome, with a deity figure inside and pair red flags with a Hindu symbol.

 Office of the stomatologist
Office of the stomatologist!

Country house of Chineses
Overwhelming majority of country houses — Hindu, hardly is less — shanties of Blacks, it is even less — Muslim dwellings. And here country houses of Chineses on Mauritius meting very seldom.

 Old fountain
Pleasant old fountain.

Fence with columns
Fence with columns.

Country house with arch overlappings
Country house with uncharacteristic for island arch overlappings on the second floor.

Road. Multi-coloured flags are in the distance hanged out to New Year at all island.

Statue of apelike god Hanuman
Statue of god Hanuman — an apelike deity, the son of god of a wind of Vayu and Apsara Pundzhistala.

Statue of apelike god Hanuman

Ritual small house with Hindu deities
Ritual small house with Hindu deities.

Hindu temple
Different Hindu temples on island uncountable set. And all by all means joyful colouring and with set of sculptures.

Hindu temple

Little shop
Little shop with an uncharacteristic roof for Mauritius. Such is faster at us, in Russia, continually.

Advertising of Hindu tatu-salon
In Port Louis saw the rolled young Hindu with a headdress of one of Hindu gods on a shoulder (was ashamed to photograph).

At the wheel overwhelming majority of buses on Mauritius Hindus. And buses necessarily with everyones decoreated and on a cabin of the driver and even sometimes on salon — carpets, a tinsel, flowers etc.

All! It is a pity nearly has reached interesting Catholic church Saint Ursule (then I did not know about its existence). Small town not at coast, to it Flacq there are no tourist. Here unless in respect of shopping it is possible to call in or casually in transit.


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