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Influence of English colonisation has caused on Mauritius was some movement. So-that, leasing the car consider that a helm on the other side. In the rest traffic usual, but: roads good, but it is very narrow and frequently without roadsides (along the edges of roads there are drainage ditches).

Standard Mauritius road

Country road

Country road

Country road
Sugar cane plantations.

Country road along coast
On island the good asphalted roads. On such, country, I have got literally time and that, only because drive in group. Such picturesque road with arches from trees goes in parallel coast.

Narrow road
On this picture it is approximately understandably that roads very narrow.

Here is more cheerful — is though any roadside (that the big rarity).

Mauritius, road

Palm avenue along a roadside
Such avenues here and there meet also palm trees, of course, rather picturesquely look.

Bus stop
Bus stops frequently there is no «pocket» — are on the brink expensive will thrust a sign and passengers expect the bus directly on a road.

Bus stop

Bus stop
Such stops — a rarity. More often — only sign at roadside (and frequently no roadside).

Reflective elements which have been built in trees
Has had fun: reflective elements which have been built in trees. Such regularly meets on all island.

Traffic signs.
Pedestrian crossing sign

Pedestrian crossing sign
Artful sign. Local feature that pedestrian crossings are combined with lying policemen. I.e. transition is raised over level of road and if not to reduce speed it is possible to depart into an orbit. These lying policemen are designated by signs on all island, and in general with traffic signs enough all is bad. Just as on Sicilies, for example.

Traffic sign: deer
the Traffic sign: deer (!) Or may be roe deer.

Very seldom signs on restriction of speed come across and not clearly how many it is possible to go. So on settlements — 60 kmh (as at us), in the country — 80 or it is rare 90. There is a high-speed line between Mageburg and Port Louis — on it can be driven 110-120 kmh. Indexes of settlements and if and is, they frequently small (come across even self-made bare variants) are very rare.

Indexes of settlements

Graphically signs very poor. In Russia road signs are better.

Sign «Signal is forbidden»

Hit: Do not put a plug into the pipe! Actually, certainly, «signal is forbidden».

Minibus with an air inlet pipe
In Russia such pipes-air inlets was only on extreme jeeps. But on Mauritius in downpours without such device it's not possible and not to swim out.

Pickup with labels

rip bus
Bus trffic on island is well adjusted. All buses of last millenium, all are completed by drivers-Hindus (seldom Blacks). They also rush as mad, dispersing on narrow roads from such flying shed, I each time became covered by a perspiration. Also movement link sided, dimensions are in another way felt.

And time at the wheel the Hindu, the bus necessarily with various decorations; and on a cabin of the driver and even sometimes on salon — carpets, a tinsel, flowers etc.

Car with surf board
Surfers and katers lease pickups. It's — a budgetary variant.

And now, I most from what regularly laughed: self-made (!) car numbers:
Peugeot with self-made number

Ancient Renault

ld Fiat
Amusing old Fiat (yes, number at it too hand-made).

Ferrari Emblem
And on a wheel — Ferrari emblem!

Old big-eyed Fiat
Old big-eyed Fiat. On Mauritius the Japanese car industry dominates: Nissans, Toyota and Mitsubishi. It is not enough «Europeans».

Self-made autonumber

Self-made autonumber

nknown car
Unknown car at Hindu country house.

Ritual small house with Hindu deities

Auto-tuning in Mauritius
Is the rare on Mauritius a copy. Our street muggers would estimate.

Auto-tuning in Mauritius

Self-made autonumber

President car?

Self-made autonumber

Self-made autonumber

Self-made autonumber and «smoked lights»

Self-made autonumber

Self-made autonumber

Self-made autonumber
Has shown off :)

Self-made autonumber
Too it is quite good.

Self-made car number

Bus with aerography
the Bus with aerography — the mountain Brabant, one of the island symbols Mauritius.

Sign L
For me remains a riddle that it for a sign or a label «L». Came across often, but I and have not understood that it means. May be pupil. Upd: yes, on 90% I am assured that it is the pupil. It appears, for example on Sri Lanka just the same signs.

Street in Islamic quarter in Chinese

Mulatto on a motor scooter
Motorcycles and motor scooters on Mauritius it has appeared less, than I expected. Like the climate more than promotes.

Car rent on Mauritius

What to me to you to tell for car rent? The choice of cars is much less, than in Europe, the rent price above. But it is possible to agree with owners of a country house (if, of course, to rent a country house) and already those will find the car more cheaply.

Mauritians drive very accurately, rules observe all also beaten cars on roads are not present (for example, in Italy or in Spain all cars demaged, because streets are narrow; on Mauritius overwhelming majority of cars even without scratches though I wrote above that roads are narrow).

As the curtain fell — classical army «Land Rover»!
Army Land Rover

Army Land Rover

On Mauritius, as well as on any other island, autostealings are almost excluded. Because island. It is possible not close car. Katers basically rent pickups and the equipment in some thousand dollars lies simply covered with an awning. Can filch, but it is the big rarity.


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