Crimea, Sevastopol. Ancient city Chersonesus

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In Sevastopol there are ruins of the ancient Greek city Chersonesus Taurian. Antique ruins in territory of Russia, as far as I know, meet only in Crimea, here on a legend legendary Argonauts floated.

Sacred Vladimir's Church in Chersonesus — Sevastopol
At hill top over Chersonesus Sacred Vladimir's church towers.

Sacred Vladimir's Church in Chersonesus — Sevastopol

Bathing photos — the Nature of Crimea
Jumping in the sea from rock.

Black sea, seagull photo — the Nature of Crimea
Somewhere on affairs the seagull flies, and inhabitants of nearby houses sunbathe on stones.

Girl and pigeons, photo — Sevastopol
That in Balaklave that in Sevastopol — any nepuganno-fearless pigeons.

Hedgehog, photo — Nature of Crimea
By the severe Sevastopol naval hedgehog somewhere has efficiently scratched.

Ruins of Chersonesus
Ruins of Chersonesus.

City gate
City gate.

Added crypts
Added crypts.

Ruins of Chersonesus

Wall part

Preserved structure
Preserved structure.

Ruins of Chersonesus

Ruins of Chersonesus

Zenon Tower
Zenon Tower — most powerful of all towers of a fortress also is better the remained.

Arch aperture in a fortification
Arch aperture in a fortification. On photo it is possible to estimate approximately a thickness of fortifications — an order of 1,5-2 metres! Very adequately for antiquity.

Arch aperture in a fortification

Ruins of Chersonesus

Ruins of Chersonesus

Ruins of Chersonesus

Ruins of Chersonesus

Ruins of Chersonesus

 Torpedo boats in a bay
Small deviation: torpedo boats in a bay.

And it, probably, the hardened Ancient Greek radar similar, as in the previous picture.

View to Sacred Vladimir's Cathedral
View to Sacred Vladimir's Cathedral.

Ancient Greek theatre
Ancient Greek theatre.

Mint cellar
Mint cellar.

Stone lion
Stone lion. So decayed that looks as a seal.

Small part of Italy.



Plan-reconstruction of Chersonesus
Plan-reconstruction of Chersonesus. It is visible that the city is successfully located, the fortification protects only third of perimetre (from a land), and the landing from the sea during ancient times is improbable and could be easily reflected.

Girl on a bench
On a bench has lain down the tired girl. Tourism and history tyre.

Priest with poppies. It seemed to me that either the Serb or the Greek. According to investigation, it is literally for a week to all Chersonesus was in poppies and beauty, likely, was indescribable.

Beach of Chersonesus
Beach of Chersonesus stony, but local it does not prevent to sunbathe and bathe.

Basis of a cannon point of a photo — Defensive works
Here at hill top the basis of a cannon point was found out.

Basis of a cannon point near Chersonesus
View from opposite side, towards Sacred Vladimir's Cathedral.

Coast of Chersonesus

Fortification part
Fortification part.

Part of a fortification and the western gate
Part of a fortification and the western gate.

Part of a fortification and the western gate

Wall Basils
Wall Basils.

Columned basils
These columns are the card as Chersonesus, and Sevastopol (and Crimea at all).

Columned basils
In 2007 any мудаки have tumbled down these columns, some have broken up.

 Temple Excavation
Temple Excavation, view from an apse.


Sea sign
Sea sign.

Baptistery — a prospective place of a christening of prince Vladimir.

Monument to Andrew the Apostle
Nearby — a monument to Andrew the Apostle.

Sacred Vladimir's Cathedral
Sacred Vladimir's Cathedral.

Niches in a wall
Niches in a wall.

Alena: «It not simple niches in a wall, and arkosolias (deaf arches) in a wall of a temple of XII century under which buried the deceased. By the way at excavation of this temple about 400 deceased (not only under arkosolias, but also remains have been found in tombs under a floor».


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