Interesting Art Nouveau in the cities of Russia, part 2

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Cyril and Methodius School
Cyril and Methodius School. Built in 1912, a monument of architecture. Architect V.A. Kendzhinsky. Perm, st. Pushkina, 76 (intersection with Komsomolsky Avenue). Nowadays - the Regional Center for the Development of Creativity of Children and Youth.


Railway station Khabarovsk

The railway station of Khabarovsk, 1966. As a result of the reconstruction, which lasted from 2000 to 2007, the building acquired a new architectural look in the style of Russian Art Nouveau.

The former Nikolaev library
The former Nikolaev library of the Amur department of the Russian Geographical Society, the first public library of the city.

The original one-story building of 1891 (the middle part of the building) was built as a house for war invalids, caring for the monument erected in the same year to Count N. N. Muravyov-Amursky.
Khabarovsk , st. Shevchenko, 9.


Society for the Study of the Amur Region
Society for the Study of the Amur Territory, Vladivostok , Svetlanskaya Street, 50. Built in 1913, it was originally planned as a theater, in the process of construction it was rebuilt as a tenement house.

The ensemble of business and residential buildings of the Trading House of Br. Sinkevich
The ensemble of business and residential buildings of the Trading House of Br. Sinkevich ” (four stone and one wooden). Built in 1912 - 1915 years. Vladivostok , Pushkinskaya street, 33a.

Architect: G.R. Junghendel.

Former apartment house Horvat-Bozhechko
Former apartment house Horvat-Bozhechko, Svetlanskaya street, 111.

Apartment building L. Sh. Skidelsky
Profitable House of Entrepreneur L. Sh. Skidelsky, Vladivostok , Okeansky Prospekt, 30. Built in 1908, architect: A.K. Goldenstedt.


Former Savinykh mansion
Former Savinykh mansion, beginning of the 20th century. Krasnoyarsk, street of the Paris Commune, 13.


Former merchant Kosterina mansion
Former merchant’s mansion Kosterina, Ufa , ul. Pushkin, 86. Built in 1907, architect: A. A. Shcherbachev.

Currently - Bashkortostan customs.

Ponosova-Mollo Mansion
Mansion of the merchant woman Ponosova-Mollo, Ufa , ul. Karl Marx, 6. Built in 1910, architect - Konstantin Alexandrovich Guskov. The first house in Ufa in the Art Nouveau style.

Now the building houses the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Former Ponosova-Mollo mansion

I would attribute this house more to eclecticism, but on the maps it is marked as modern. The architectural style itself, although rare, is very attractive.


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