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If you planed to visit Saint-Petersburg, I can recommend most interesting dates to travel:

Fireworks ending photo — Scarlet Sails
Scarlet Sails — last days of June, school-leavers holiday and it`s most interesting day in year.

Hussars photo — City Day
City Day — May 27 and next weekend.

Panorama of Neva with the ships on spot-check photo — Navy Day
Navy Day — last weekend in July, warships parade, city celebrations and fireworks in evening.

Lieutenant colonel with the daughter photo — May, 9th May, 9th — Victory Day. Military parade, various city celebrations and fireworks in evening.

Pushkin and Gogol photo — Day of Dostoevsky
Day of Dostoevsky — first weekend in July, theater festival under the open sky in honor of the great writer.

I Hope, the photo at you will turn out! photo — Day of river fleet
Day of river fleet — also first weekend in July, theater festival on the city rivers.

Standard-bearers photo — Day of Russia
Day of Russia — June, 12th

Selfi with Romans photo — Night of Museums
Night of Museums — weekend in the middle of May. Free museums entry all night!

About a parachute photo — Day Airborne
Day Airborne troops, 2 August.

First volleys of salute photo — Day of lifting of a blockade
Day blockade removal — January, 27th. Local city celebrate and fireworks in evening.

Nevsky prospect photo — New Year
And New Year, Christmas holidays, yeah! Beautiful Nevsky prospect — general street in festive attire.

Of course, this isn`t all holidays and festivals in Saint-Petersburg, but the most spectacular and interesting.

Welcome to our beautiful city!


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