Student Tail Sculpture

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28.09.2020  15:13

Student Tail Sculpture, Tula, near the second building of the Tula State University. In the monument to the "tail" the "tail" itself is absent - the student is depicted as a dragon lizard with a bookmark. The height of the tailless animal is only 29 cm, weighs about 10 kilograms. The monument is cast. from copper dimes in the amount of 91. According to legend, these lucky dimes were put under their heels by Tula students so that there were no “tails.” The monument rises on a stone pillar, on which is written “TAIL.NET” :) Students consider it a happy omen rub the Dragon before the session and "enrich" its pedestal with dimes.

Student`s Tail

Author: architect N.M. Gubanov. The sculpture was installed September 8 2007, the day of the city.

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