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Series of photo «prison «Crosses»» from travel across Russia (and world). Collection yet 1 pix


First case of the Petersburg single prison has been opened on September, 7th 1886, created under the project of the main architect of Prison department Antonija Osipovicha Tomishko. Antonija Osipovich, leaning against experience of erection of similar structures in Europe, borrowed some receptions of a lay-out. The basic building, is similar to the Berlin prison Plettsenzee, reminds thus star or a fan.

at the same time, the architect places emphasis on a temple, being on territory, and prison blocks have the cross form (whence and tritely demotic name"Crosses"). The temple is devoted Alexander Nevsky, and its dome towers over structures. At present structures carry out the initial functions and is the main pre-trial detention centre of a city.

"Crosses" have received Sad popularity in days of Stalin reprisals, knowingly on opposite coast of Neva (the picture whence is made), on quay there are two vanguard sculptures of sphinxes, Michael Shemjakina`s works and being a monument subjected to repression in days of Stalin terror.

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