Trunk-call stone and coast of the White sea

Trunk-call stone and coast of the White sea photo - Solovetsky Islands
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Trunk-call stone. On it the historical moment is fixed: the English squadron has approached to archipelago islands. After several attacks of Englishmen on monasteries of monks, the commander of a squadron has demanded to give all cattle of islands. Negotiations between the prior of the Solovetsky monastery archimandrite Alexander and the English officer on June, 22nd, 1855 have taken place.

Tekst on the Trunk-call stone big Solovetsky ostrova:

this Zri. During war of Turkey, France, England, Sardinia with Russia here there were negotiations of the prior with English officer Anton Н on June, 22nd, on Wednesday at 11 o`clock. In the forenoon on a note of the chief of an enemy military squadron in the White sea, demanding from a monastery of bulls (the note is presented свят. To the synod). After negotiations, safe for a monastery, the prior in a monastery at 1 o`clock in the afternoon, served that day in Uspensky cathedral a liturgy and prayers; the service has come to an end at 4 o`clock. That week N day the post strict was in a monastery and monasteries and the Lord this summer has not admitted at war to break monks rest as without mercy they have arrived in 1854 A.A.

Itogom negotiations unshakable refusal of the prior of a monastery cattle began to be given. Englishmen have arranged furious bombardment of walls Kremlin. Bombardment has not brought an actual loss, though has been let out more than 1800 kernels. At the subsequent pilgrims the belief in wonderful disposal of a monastery has affirmed.

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