On a bend Neva costs one of the most beautiful creations of a XVIII-th century Smolny of Revival Christ`s Cathedral. Which has been constructed under instructions Elizabeths Petrovny, wished to spend last years the life in an environment of the approached maidens behind monastery walls.

Smolny a monastery under instructions of the empress have put on a place of «Smolny house» — a palace in which she has lived the youth. Under the project into a monastic complex should enter a temple with house churches and a belltower and institute for girls from families of noble family.

cathedral has been put in October 1748 year by the court architect Ф. B. Rastrelli, the author Winter palace. Erection is begun in May 1751, but because of the begun war with Prussia. Financing has been cut down also building tritely slowly. Cathedral has been completed at Catherine II by the architect V.P.Stasov only 1835 to year.

view on Smolny a monastery from the Big Okhta. 1851
View on Smolny a monastery from the Big Okhta. 1851

In 1922 to year all church property has been withdrawn, in 1923 to year decision on cathedral closing as operating church was accepted, but is carried out only in 1931 to year. In 1990 to year in a cathedral the kontsertno-showroom operating on nowadays has been opened.

Now on a belltower it is possible to rise and take pleasure in the top view, and on a viewing point the nearby space is sounded and it is told about constructions near to Smolny (the project huge 140-metre five-tiered belltowers and remained the project, and it would surpass a spike Peter and Paul cathedral on 18 metres!) .

At Smolny cathedral is surprising feature: the further you are, the more largely it seems.


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