Anichkov bridge
Anichkov bridge

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Modern photo bridges.

St.-Petersburg — the Russian city richest with bridges. An abundance rivers, channels has entitled a city «to Northern Venice». Third of territory lies on islands: big and small. But Petersburg began with a complete negation bridge-engineering . To accustom inhabitants to water, Peter I demanded to overcome water barriers by boats or ferries. Already after his death there was a first bridge through Neva — Isaakievsky. It was pontoon, boats stood boards to each other, and boards from above have been put. On a legend to build it Catherine I after during a crossing by a boat it was poured by a cold Neva wave has ordered . This bridge has staid up to 1916 year. Such bridges directed in the early spring and assorted in the autumn prior to the beginning of freeze-up.

Nowadays the quantity of bridges in Petersburg is more 600.


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