Italy trip: the volcano Etna

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Final post of a series notes about Sicily.

The Volcano Etna is in east part of Sicily, it is the most convenient to it to plan a trip from Catania.

View to Etna
From apart the mount looks impressively because landscape over surrounding flat (well, almost flat) district, instead of borders on other mountains.

Volcano Etna

Photo through a car window.

Black earth

Volcanic earth
The bottom ща Etna all black — a volcano all the same operating also is volcanic breeds and the stiffened lava from the previous eruptions.

Burnt forest on a slope of Etna
Burnt forest on a slope of Etna. Unreal Martian trees. Photo from a car window.

Volcano Etna

View from the volcano Etna
View not from the top, and somewhere from 2000 metres above sea level — last point to which it is possible to reach on the car.

Panorama from Etna
Etna — 3000 metres in height, on the car it is possible to rise to settlement at height approximately 2000 metres above sea level. If want to reach by all means a crater (them on a volcano a little) can issue excursion in this settlement, and how I can think in advance in Catania. And further at you a choice: or to rise on foot is cheaper, or on Land Rovers is more expensive (so I understand that jeeps too not will take to a crater, only on foot it is perhaps). Ascension costs somewhere from €65.

Necessarily take care of warm clothes! At bottom temperature was +20°, but on 2000 metres was -3°.


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