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Near to a seaside city Trapani on a high rock is small town Eriche, grown of a monastery.

Eriche. Church on a slope, Eriche
St. Giovanni's church (ital. San Giovanni Church), middle XIV—XVII centuries

First of all we have gone in Eriche. While clambered upwards, have burnt a tank floor, though road like rather short — lifting of kilometres 10. Thought to sweep on a cable car which connects two cities, but it has been disconnected. Then only has reached that on a strong wind a rope-way disconnect.

On entrance in Eriche is a medieval monastery, we at first have taken a walk on it.

Chiesa di S. Orsola
Chiesa di S. Orsola XV–XVI centuries.

Stone road from a monastery to Eriche
Stone road from a monastery to Eriche. The monastery is hardly below Eriche, in a city such road conducts here. As the monastery respecting and this has defensive lines, the fortification on the right lasts.

Road along a fortification
From fortification outer side there is one more road too paved by a stone.

Have returned at the car and have gone to Eriche though on road from a monastery there is less than kilometre. But upwards:) We have decided that on foot we will die and easier to approach.



St. Giovanni's Church
Once again St. Giovanni's church (St. John in English).

Icon with image of Maiden Maria in a wall
Icon with image of Maiden Maria in a wall

Seats cut out in rock, Eriche
Directly in rock seats are cut out. From this place the view to Trapani opens.

View to Trapani from Eriche
View to Trapani from Eriche.

Castle Balio and the Castle of Venus
Castle Balio (at the left) and the Castle of Venus (in the distance). The small rain drizzled and on an objective water has got, I have noticed not at once, and there was no possibility to clean optics. This and following photos adequately rejected, but for history I will leave — it is a pity to delete.

Castle of Venus
Castle of Venus with such interesting battlements of the fortress above.

Map of Eriche
On one of viewing points costs a map of a commune Eriche fine different from cards which we saw in Syracusa and Monreale.

Castle Fortification end-to-end to a steep rock
Castle Fortification end-to-end to a steep rock. Represent such to assault?

Gate of the Castle of Venus
Gate of the Castle of Venus.

From an upper part remarkable views on Trapani and the coast Mediterranean sea open. A cold there terrible, the blessing we had a Petersburg March equipment which we and have applied at once to destination.

View of Trapani and coast of Mediterranean sea from Eriche


Eriche, a view from the monastery (ital. Chiesa di S. Orsola)
Kind from a monastery (ital. Chiesa di S. Orsola), the city Trapani and coast Mediterranean sea is below stretched.

View on small town Pizzolungo
View on small town Pizzolungo.

Castles, Eriche
On unapproachable steep rocks there are two fortresses connected with each other. On the right — Castle Balio (ital. Castello del Balio), at the left, in the distance — the Castle of Venus (ital. Castello di Venere). We have arrived to siesta time, castles have been closed. Besides a season not the tourist. Me has amazed that one of castles has redeemed restaurant. In the second castle on idea there should be a museum.

Castle gate
Castle gate, on the right on the tablet it is specified that in cafe and restaurant.

Small town Eriche rather pleasant, with grey ascetic and severe architecture. We with pleasure on it would take a walk, but fairly having frozen, have decided to be curtailed and have gone downwards to Trapani.

Have dismounted on quay and have gone for a walk at large.

Statue of the Madonna, quay Trapani

Moorings with yachts, Trapani

Small street in Trapani
Directly in an arch aperture in a wall the figure of the sacred is built in. Icons and statues of the sacred come across in all settlements Sicily, very frequent phenomenon.

Italians very much love greens. Here the road is completely paved by a stone and the tops of vegetable could not be planted — anything, boxes and pots with the earth are put and flowers are planted.

Piazza Mercato del Pesce, Trapani
In each city of Sicily by all means there is a Street of Rome (Via Rome) — as in Russia — Lenin's street. Here is how time a small street with such name and a view on Piazza Mercato del Pesce.

And as the curtain fell, small streets of Trapani:
Small streets of Trapani

Small streets of Trapani

Small streets of Trapani

Small streets of Trapani

In Eriche I with pleasure would return, on solar weather. In Trapani was +20, but in Eriche — only +2.


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