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We lived on opposite from Palermo to coast of island, time for chief town survey Sicily at us remains very little.

We at first have parked the car at local municipality, but I, having looked at a dark blue marking, has solved reparking.

So, photos Palermo:
Palace of the Normans, Palermo
The Palace of the Normans (Palazzo dei Normanni [ital.]). A royal palace — the former residence of the Sicilian kings and vice-kings, a view from Piazza Independence (Independence Square). Sicily very favourably strategically located who only did not win. Here, a century in XI the time of Vikings / Normans has come. They, besides, that have beaten out from island Saracens, have introduced a special gothic style in local architecture. The mix Arabian, Byzantian and norman styles has turned out. In Norman Palace Gothic lancet windows and false drawings of arches on a facade — similar symbioses only here (well, in Spain, partly).

Palace of the Normans it is built in in the fortification rests:
Fortification, Palermo

The part of perfectly remained fortification, and in the distance is seen that the Norman Palace.

Stella on Piazza Independence, Palermo
Stella to the unknown hero (has not found in whose honour it is established, but assume that to Giuseppe Garibaldi and war for independence). Graffiti — a problem of the European cities. Likely the morons live in Italy and Spain. The more low the average level of life and the general society developments — the more than moral freaks with balloons, spoiling all that catches sight to them.

New Gate, Palermo
New Gate (ital. Porta Nuova) — a triumphal arch in honour of Charles's V victory over Turks. Is in the main street Palermo, Korso Vittorio Emanuele (ital. Corso Vittorio Emanuele (or Cassaro)). The street is at once behind collars, a historical path, from an antiquity the uniter Palermo and Monreale.

The first gate are erected at vice-king Markantonio in 1583, destroyed by explosion of a stock of gunpowder in 1667. In two years are anew built up (architect Gaspare Guercio) when have received a present pyramidal roof.

Crossroads before New Collars and the Pizansky tower
At a crossroads before New Collars the remarkable tripartite traffic light hangs. At us I such did not see for a long time. On a background the Tower of Pisa (ital. Torre Pisana) or Saint Ninfe (ital. Torre di Santa Ninfa). Investigation says that in this tower a very interesting mosaic room of king Roger. Presumably, in this tower has been concluded by conspirators On March, 9-11th, 1161 Wilhelm of I Malicious with a family. In 1791 Giuseppe_Piazzi has equipped a university astronomical observatory (the spherical dome is obviously visible in a picture) in a tower.

Small street of Palermo
Small street, nearby the Cathedral. In old Spanish and Italian cities of such small streets it is a lot of. On entrances signs frequently hang that journey is forbidden trucks. Sometimes comes across, what even to motorcyclists it is forbidden. In Spain in Toledo had to put mirrors to pass on one of streets. And here in our disposal there was a fighting mountain-shooting Smart — everywhere were located!

Crossroads on Piazza Independence
Crossroads on Piazza Independence, a view from the Royal Palace. Simply view, without the claim for quality of a card. It is visible what grief with a marking — here it at least is, but was almost erased. Such grief across all Sicily.

Small houses nearby to the Royal Palace

Street cafe
Below a cafe with the knight at an input. Knights at cafes and gift shops not a rarity — periodically come across.

the Monument to Phillip V, Palermo
Monument to Phillip V on the Parliament Square (ital. Monumento a Filippo V di Borbone in Piazza del Parlamento). Italians, as well as Spaniards, love that monuments looked «expensively-richly». But at Spaniards the heap of elements, and at Italians — quite organic compositions (who is actually clear at whom studied) turns out.

Monument Caetano Buccer, Palermo
The character is unknown to Google, I could find nothing.
Italians in the relation to monuments as our street muggers — too love vandalism. At this monument tips of copies from a board are broken off, letters from a pedestal are broken away. At next — the head is braided.

Monument of Petro Gullo, Palermo
Monument of Petro Gullo (ital. Pietro Gullo) or to the Headless Horseman. Palermitani besides that pigs — all city as garbage (unless except the central streets and the areas) so also the letter destroy or heads of monuments to twist, yes to paint something (taking an opportunity, I want to note: all graffiti — clinical freaks, behind an exception of pair gifted artists).

Cathedral of Palermo
Cathedral of Palermo (ital. Cattedrale di Palermo). The city Card, one of the most recognised symbols.

Cathedral of Palermo
In a cathedral it is light, white and there are no crowds of tourists (it while is not present, not a season).

Charles Burbonsky's Crowning — a bas-relief of a southern portico of the Cathedral of Palermo
In an arch at an input in the Cathedral. At the left on a wall set of memorable tablets. And on a bas-relief before us — Charles Burbonsky's crowning. On the right in a shot the right column is visible, it appears on the left column of a portico (that behind my right shoulder) there was an interesting artefact — the citation from the Koran (!); remains from the Arabian occupation of island.

Maria Magdaliny's Icon on a wall of the Cathedral of Palermo
Maria Magdaliny's icon on one of external walls of a cathedral. In Italy icons everywhere come across — on walls of houses, at crossroads. Even on automobile repair shop garage saw.

Main apse of a cathedral
The main apse of a cathedral, that is the rear view.

Classical Lycée, Palermo
On the area before the Cathedral of Palermo (street/via Simone di Bologne) — the oldest high school of Italy — Liceo classico Vittorio Emanuele II (ital.) Not in Rome, not in Venice, and in Palermo.

Penthouse with columns, Palermo

On one of улоче directly behind the Cathedral the structure similar to a penthouse very was pleasant. Classical classicism! A charm.

Small street in Palermo
The nonlinear geometry of streets has formed here such here the house. Drawing on the house has interested also me and pair of tourists from Germany.

Water drain Pipes (water supply?)
Flight of engineering thought, in the field of the water drain (water supply?). Cities old, to it communications on walls of houses.

Icon of sacred Maiden Maria. Palermo
Here one more icon of sacred Maiden Maria.

Saint Giovanni church, Palermo
Church the Saint Giovanni (ital. Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti) — one more cut-away of Palermo, a view from street Benedittini. The church of XII century in arab-normans style, to it it so unusually looks.

Began to get dark and we have moved towards the sea.
Quay Palermo, Palermo
Quay Palermo completed with Blacks, Hindus and other evil spirits.
Only I have parked the car as the Black has jumped up and have told that a parking paid (though marking are not present) and from us 3 euros. I has given to it 1 euro, the Black has got sad. Has asked us whence we. Then in Catania we have once again faced — there special «parking» vagabonds. You give 1-2 euros and it allows to you to park, will help with maneuvering also car will look after (round the clock, are replaced as military sentry). And with a number living too any rate, only already monthly.

Monument to the ship, Palermo
Monument to the ship. Amusing such semiboat without a stern.

Greek gate, Palermo
The Greek gate or Porta dei Greci on an original speech.

Church of St. Theresa Kalsa, Palermo
Church of St. Theresa Kalsa (ital. Chiesa di Santa Teresa alla Kalsa), 1686. Kalsa or Tribunali — historical area Palermo on which the church also has received the name.

Music Temple, Palermo
Music temple on quay Palermo (ital. Tempietto della Musica, Foro Italico Umberto I).

Cafe in a fortification, Palermo
The fortress already like as is not necessary, Saracens with Carthaginians have ended. And that cool place did not stand idle, directly in a fortification huddle restaurant and hardly more to the right — cafe.

Fortification of Palermo
The part of a fortification leaving to the sea. Before a wall, by fortification rules — wide esplanade which now became a place of walks of townspeople and tourists.

Cathedral of Palermo at night
We have returned to the Cathedral.

And at last:
Night small street
Simply one of small streets old Palermo, area Kalsa.

Country house with a green garden
Country house with a green garden. It in the centre Palermo. Nearby — dense building and narrow small streets. And here — the whole garden!

Everything, were curtailed — have gone home. Me has amazed what pigsty in streets and what ill-matched contingent of the population — Blacks, Turks, Arabs, Hindus. With a marking on roads grief, and like as an island chief town. In Syracuse and Catania and that is better than Syracuse.

Palermo is a big city and very interesting, it is necessary to spend Palermo for it for about a week to examine at least the most basic sights. For example, catacombs Porta d'Ossuna in which are buried ~8 000 notable palermitani, and bones are stored in an open view, in different degree embalmed. And the whole compositions are made of bones and skeletons (jokers-c).


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