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To arrive on Sicily and not to visit in the homeland of an omnipotent mafia — Corleone — I could not. So: the Mafia, Don Corleone and Thompson's submachine gun. It is a lot of photos of Corleone (Sicilian: Cunigghiuni or Curliun) + text.

Ruins of church, Corleone
Charismatic ruins of old church with the built in sculpture of the sacred. Street of Rome (ital. Via Roma, 23-25 — the approximate address).

We have begun acquaintance to a city with a cemetery.

Entrance to the cemetery
Entrance to the cemetery.

In Agrigento the main cemetery reminds minismall town with «multiroom» houses (walls with urns for ashes — as houses in some floors), columbariums make «quarters», divided by «streets». In Corleone all in another way. «Multiroom» crypts with urns too — 3-5 right at the beginning at gate.

Cemetery of Corleone, a wall with urns
Walls with urns. In the foreground additional gate.

Cemetery of Corleone, rows of tombs, a photo through a fence
Photo through a fence, for a certain general idea. A fence with a tile, hasten to see.

And the basic cemetery — accurate rows of tombs, is invariable with sculptures or any intricate cross.
Cemetery of Corleone, rows of tombs

Cemetery of Corleone, a surprising sculptural gravestone

Separate rows make family crypts — as small houses of a stone «tenants» in which can be 12.

Cemetery of Corleone, rows of crypts

Cemetery of Corleone, a crypt of that most important bosses of the Mafia — Navarra
Crypt of that most important bosses of the Mafia — Navarra — a prototype of cinenema hero Don Corleone (in a reality not existing). The fact of common knowledge: ancestors Al Pacino, the played Don Corleone, from these places.

As soon as we have got on a cemetery, have faced the elderly person — as I think the director of this institution. Whether the man himself has approached to us and has first of all asked we speak in German. Nein, I have answered and have made a helpless gesture that in Italian we too do not understand, only slightly in English. The man a hand has shown to follow it — it and has shown a crypt of a family of Navarra. Having thanked the pleasant man, then we further independently have gone to wander on a cemetery.

Corleone — rather pleasant small town. It is conditionally possible to divide on two parts: the basic city in lowland between hills and rich country houses on a slope of one of hills. Panorama of Corleone

City panorama.

Panorama of Corleone from Jesus Christ monastery
Panorama of Corleone from Jesus Christ monastery. The basic city hardly is seen at the left.

Panorama of Corleone
Panorama of Corleone, at the left on a rock a monastery of Franciscans Castello Sottano.

Castello Sottano, Corleone
Rock with a monastery of Franciscans on the upper part (ital. Eremo San Bernardo / Castello Sottano). Represent — has risen and has remembered that some bread has not bought.

Tops of hills are occupied by monasteries (that the quantity of flock, a tax bringing better was visible).

Jesus Christ Monastery, Corleone
Jesus Christ monastery.

Parking miracles
Appreciate under what corner of street and the car:)

Facade of a monastery of Jesus Christ, Corleone
The monastery on an upper part over Corleone. From a city the Monastery (ital. Monastero del Santissimo Salvatore) looks so. We will come inside.

Interior of church of a monastery of Jesus Christ (Monastero del SS. Salvatore), Corleone
The church and monastery are restored, the facade is under repair, the fresco on a ceiling is restored. Judging by photos of recent prescription, the belltower is anew built up more recently.

Very pleasant light church — absolutely not not pressing, as the majority of ancient Catholic churches. To us has inexpressibly carried — having approached on church we have faced one of workers. The worker has looked at us and has called the chief of a command of restorers. There was a pleasant man who at first has taken an interest whence we have arrived, and then has arranged excursion on church. Simply so we there would not get, the church is temporarily closed on restoration. The restorer has told that the church is constructed by the inconsolable father in honour of the girl who have died in 17 years.

Internal court yard of a monastery of Jesus Christ in Corleone

Internal court yard of a monastery of Jesus Christ in Corleone

To us have shown also an internal court yard of a monastery, the remarkable view on falls whence opens.

Bells of a monastery of Jesus Christ
On an upper part the infernal wind and as I understand regularly blows. Look as bells are thoroughly moored.

Building with the attached turret with hours
Building with the attached turret with hours. I think this is a municipality, judging by flags. In the Sicilian cities on facades of hotels fluttering flags too.

Lane of St. Dominic (ital. Cortile S. Domenico). To trucks movement is limited, hasten to see. A small lane, perpendicular to Street of Rome (Via Roma). The street of Rome as I have understood main in a city — in each city Sicilies is street with such name, as Lenin's street in Russia.

We have gone for a walk along the street Rome. Church:
Church, Corleone, Via Roma

Ancient church, Corleone, Via Roma
Remarkable old church, surprising severe Sicilian baroque.

Church, Corleone

Modern church, Corleone
And here already more modern church, far away from the centre.

ablet of instructions of street

ablet of instructions of street
In Corleone on the central streets thorough tablets with instructions of names of streets and numbers of houses — from marble moreover as it is qualitatively made! In each small town Sicilies the style in such tablets, frequently — a majolica is traced. At the left a distributive box not closed — a climate here a little rainy, open electro-panel board and distributive boxes often come across.

Figure of the sacred in a wall
Often figures of sacred in street walls, the same as and in other cities in Sicily.

Figure of the sacred in a wall
Sacred Juseppe's figure (ital. San Giuseppe).

Candle in a wall

Street in Corleone

Street in Corleone
Small streets Corleone, are closer to suburb. Small houses are already easier, rather than in the historical centre. And small town all humpbacked, we in an hour have burnt a tank floor, clambering uphill.

House growing directly from a rock
The many-storeyed house growing directly from a rock. Well and an indicative inclination of street.

Surprising old small house, Corleone
Surprising old house. There no any horizontal street — everywhere an inclination. And, by the way, pay attention as the red car at the left was pressed in a wall.

Narrow small street with arch overlappings, Corleone
Narrow small street with arch overlappings. It is possible to go on a visit without going down downwards.

Ladder upwards
Slope so abrupt that the direct ladder would be very abrupt, to it is made by a snake. It is a pity trees without greens, would be more cheerful.

View Corleone.
One more view Corleone.

Everything, we are turned off. We did not begin to search for a museum of the Mafia, somehow it is not so interesting.
Villa Comunale, Corleone

Villa Comunale, direct translation into English — the City Country house. Green park (ital. Parco della Città i.e. city park) with ruins of ancient church on Via Santa Lucia (by the way there still any monument and rather modern structures).

At last — a cross.
Cross on departure from Corleone
Cross on departure from Corleone. In Sicilies two variants: each hill is equipped or a monastery, or equipped by a cross. And crosses necessarily stand near at dominating heights of cities.


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