Peterhof, Bottom park

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Gothic church
Magnificent Gothic chapel. I was surprised with that inside it orthodox — Alexander Nevsky's church.

Doors of Gothic church
Doors are riddled since war. Restorers have not replaced a board but only have closed up apertures that is very correct. I at all do not know that for calibre, most likely traces of work of German MG 34.

Gothic church in Peterhof. A panoramic kind.

Panoramic view on Gothic church.

The Gothic church in Peterhof was on hill and there is magnificent views open.

Marlinsky pond and the Gauze Palace
Marlinsky (Marly) pond and the Gauze Palace. Palaces at Peter I were ascetic and simple. Even a mansion in times is larger than Menshikov and more richly.

Sectorial pond and the Gauze Palace
Sectorial pond and the Gauze Palace

Fountain of the big cascade — Samson.
The central fountain of the main cascade — Samson. Gerakl winning the Lernejsky hydra was originally planned, but after Poltava Battle have decided to establish Samson which are breaking off a (Swedish) lion. In 1941 sculpture was hidden somewhere in the park and lost.



Naiad with Triton
Naiad with Triton.

Sea channel and the Big palace
Sea channel and the Big palace.


Seagull in flight
Seagull in flight.

Alternative name of this photo: «Nike».


Park squirrels in suburbs of Petersburg isn't frightened. Some even impudent — elicit meal.


Squirrel takes nutlets from hands.


Employees of parks tell that squirrels hide nutlets for emergency, and by the winter at all forget where and that they hide.


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