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Small selection of photo from Crimea to an anniversary of reunion with Russia. Pictures of June, 2015:

Fall highly, photo — Nature of Crimea
On a grief Ai-Petri amusing indexes at top: «Fall highly!»

Girl on a velomobile

The girl on a velomobile, Yalta. The solar picture was turned out, pleasant.

Boy on a skateboard — Crimea
The boy on a skateboard, Yalta.

Chipmunk. For such photo in Crimea you must pay money, it's necessary to be accurate :)

Panorama of the Balaklava bay, photo — Crimea
Panoramas of the Balaklava bay.

Black sea from photo mountain Castron — Nature of Crimea
Black sea from mountain Castron (Balaklava).

Girls on quay — Crimea
Girls on quay in Feodosia.

Cable car — Nature of Crimea
Cable car on Ai-Petri.

Slope Ai-Petri a photo — Nature of Crimea
Slope of mountain Ai-Petri.

Sacred Vladimir's Church in Chersonesus, photo — Sevastopol
Sacred Vladimir's church in Chersonesus.

Girl and pigeons, photo — Sevastopol

The girl and pigeons, Sevastopol.

Crimea Ours, happy holiday all of us! Especially, of course, crimeans.

Crimea Ours, photo


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