How to create panoramas without errors of splicing

Creating panoramas regularly it turns out that the next shots are incorrectly joined. As a rule it because of effect of a parallax (removing panorama «from hands» it is impossible to achieve that the chamber turned on an axis nodal points, for this purpose are special nozzles on supports). A parallax and nodal points of objectives — a theme of a separate post. The main thing that if at shooting panoramas in a shot is objects in several metres they on different shots hardly will be displaced. Because of it panoramas parts slice together with errors.

In PTGui (perhaps, it it is better to the program for splice panoramas) there is a magic tool — masks.

Initial panorama in PTGui
Originally in PTGui the panorama has gathered so. It is a little errors, but to correct them in Photoshop it is the extremely difficult (that wires have not joined against greens — a difficult and non-uniform background).

Tab Masks (Mask), on the right the red switch — to allocate areas which should be hidden. Green — which to show.
Masks in PTGui
On the first shot I have allocated those parts which should be hidden.

Masks in PTGui
On the second — which to show.

Masks in PTGui
And on the third — which to hide, those parts which are on the second shot.

Final panorama
Complete! Panorama has gathered with one small error which is easily corrected by a Stamp in Photoshop (wires have not joined against the sky, and against greens — all is excellent).

Total panorama, after processing in Photoshop:
Tamarin falls, panoramic view
It is ready! Literally, 10-15 minutes.


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