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Small town Fuendetodos — Goya's native land was one of the planned places of visiting in Spain. The small town very remarkable.

On entrance to a town was laconic index: Goya. Not the town name, as everywhere, but name of the greatest inhabitant.

Fuendetodos, entrance to town
Entrance to town. Directly at the rate — Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God (spanish: Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción). As the medieval town respecting, Fuendetodos is at hill top, and at the dominating height there is a main temple. That is surprising, this structure of a XVIII-th century, not such old. In Civil war it was destroyed and then restore.

Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God

 One of small streets of Fuendetodos
One of the central streets of Fuendetodos. In town stone houses and such remarkable small streets. Each house almost at each window has a balcony but since it is not enough a place, balconies such symbolical. But necessarily shod!

Around two o'clock in the afternoon I meet only one passer-by and a cat. Both have looked at me with suspicion. At all the others — siesta, town was empty.

Goya's House museum
Main sight of a town — Goya's house museum.

Goya's House museum

Goya's House museum

Goya's Bed

View from the window of the Goya's house
From the opposite house looks a bust of the artist. In the house native furniture, In one of rooms some tens drawings (sketches to the future pictures and Goya's historical caricatures) are exposed.

House with chameleons
On one of town streets I meet such surprising house with chameleons.

Metal sculpture
Near gate have someone's fantastic bust, and in a court yard different shod sculptures.

Court yard
Looks like my grandmother's village. But houses stone.

On suburb Fuendetodos there is still dome-shaped stone medieval freezing chamber. Sad, I'm didn't know about it.


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