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Cars, traffic in Sicily and car rent. Subjectively, photos and the text.

Italians — terrible fans of small cars. The big off-road cars we did not see at all, luxury (Bentley's type, at least) — pair-three pieces on all Sicily.

 Old Fiat
Old big-eyed Fiat with any absolutely prehistoric number.

 Old car
Has not understood what is this model. Fiat? On an emblem years 1959-1969.

Crossroads before New Collars and the Pizansky tower

Palermo, a crossroads before New Gate. Cars parked — a bumper to bumper. And at this crossroads the remarkable tripartite traffic light hangs, I such did not see for a long time.

Small street in Palermo

Remarkable small street, nearby the Palermo Cathedral. It is a lot of cars 20-30-years old. Roads and the climate is better than in Russia, iron rusts less and longer lives to owners.

Crossroads on Piazza Independence

Crossroads on the Piazza Independence (Independence Square). «Smarts» in Sicily there are too many. The «Smart» — best car for a megacity — it can be parked to perpendicularly road:) Heroic «Smart» will be in the end of a post.

Night small street

One of small streets old Palermo, area Kalsa. Numbers of the parked midget cars.

Ruins of church, Corleone

Charismatic ruins of old church with the built in sculpture of the sacred. Street of Rome (ital. Via Roma). Well and cars, small town Corleone.

Label on the car: under protection sacred
Special corleonian theme — labels on cars, saying that the car under protection by sacred.

 Old Fiat
Monreale. The old Fiat, likely as on the first photo. And with the same ancient car number. Surprisingly that excellent condition. This car is 30 years old, or more.

Rented Smart. Me has pleasantly amazed that it is capable to master big enough liftings and can driving 130 km/h. Truth on such speed sensation that the car now will fly up. The machine class unless we were left never by sensation that blows off it from a line — in Sicily strong winds.

Fantastic parking
Appreciate under what corner of street and the car:) Small town Corleone. At me such feeling that there no any horizontal street.

And at the end. Sicilians — full goblins on road, going on overtaking necessarily signal and often blink the distant.

Roads, certainly, is better than Russians, but is worse than the Spanish.

Yes, in a photo above — heroic hedgehog.

Car Rent in Sicily

Sicily by car
I rented the car in company «Sicily by car». At official registration of papers have told that the car «without damages», but actually was not any whole element — all in small grazes and scratches, the left threshold was hanging by a thread and marvellously has not fallen off, for a week of drivings. If we at registration have not asked to summarise all damages handing over the car most likely would paid money when returning car.

Greatest trouble which I have not noticed at once — the right forward wheel has been lowered. To come back was already late, we have already sawn through kilometres 50 and it was necessary one hundred more. It is unique has pleased: manager Sicily by car well spoke English (in Spain peoples can't spoke english at all, there it was necessary hardly). To write down damages it has easily agreed, did not rise in a pose (but manager that the car all beaten).

Renting the car in Europe, pay attention and do not forget:
  • check up all damages and be convinced that all of them are brought in a leaf which is given out to you with car
  • check up wheels, light, devices

Returning a car:
  • if in rules it is specified full tank, means to return it is necessary with a full tank. Specify at the manager
  • salon should be clear
  • ashtray do not forget to empty:)

And on roads try not to break — next time you could not take the visa.

Rented country house, coast of Mediterranean sea
That's all. In first day our group of archeologist goes to study antique antiquity Agrigento. A country house in which we live, a photo for memory.


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