Archaeological park and the Greek stone quarries in Syracuse

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Archaeological park and the Greek stone quarries in Syracuse
Archaeological park, Neapolis (the New City — one of five cities entering in ancient Syracuse) — an impressing ancient open-cast mine and meeting antiquity for some centuries. It is considered that in this Archaeological park the considerable quantity of antiquities on Sicilies and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. Actually in Agrigento and Selinunte too is a lot of everything.

Roman amphitheatre, Syracuse

Panorama of the Roman amphitheatre.

Arena of the Roman amphitheatre in Syracuse
Arena of the Roman amphitheatre in Syracuse.

Altar of Hieron II, Syracuse
Altar of tyrant Hieron II, III century B.C.

Mine workings there began Greeks, then Romans continued. To understand scales, it is necessary to see this place (Neapolis) from air — I assume that impressing show.

And as such possibility was not, it is necessary to be content with pictures from the earth (a photo, perhaps, not so indicative as could be).

Rock on-centre stone quarries
On-centre stone quarries the very tall rock (like nine/twelve-floor house) towers. I.e. Greeks on such depth were earthed, such depth of development. Oranges, by the way — hasten to see.

Footpaths and blocks at the bottom of stone quarries
The garden is at the very bottom broken, huge boulders chaotically lie. Well and the twilight — the sun here gets a little (and oranges to grow!)

Footpaths and blocks at the bottom of stone quarries

Preparation for columns
And here it looks like preparation for columns.

Arch aperture in all height of a rock
Arch aperture in all height of a rock. «The ear of Dionysus» (ital. Orecchio di Dionisio), times of Syracuse's tyrant Dionysus. Photo, of course, as on phone. The sky bright, day solar. And below — twilight.
Arch aperture in all height of a rock, a view from within
Arch aperture in all height of a rock, a view from within. Where this aperture I comes to an end I do not know. The darkness so pitch what to shine a lighter/phone is useless. Before me pair, seems from Germany, has not risked to find out that in the end. Have lighted iPhone and returned. Well and so I`m.

Characteristics: width about 23 m, height from 5 to 11 m, and to 65 m in depth (!). Slaves and captured dug. On a legend after a victory of Syracuse over Athenes (415-413 BC) in stone quarries have closed wounded soldiers, having left them to die, and Dionysus enjoyed groans, approaching to an aperture above. In this cave the sound amplifies to 16 times. There is an assumption more similar to truth that is a part of acoustic system, beginning under the Greek theatre and promoting repeated strengthening of a sound. And hardly it was under construction specially, and it has more likely turned out itself with decades of extraction of a stone.

Rock on-centre stone quarries
Rock on-centre stone quarries, after the journey, the leader to Greek theatre which is considerably above, at level of top of the career.

Greek theatre, Syracuse
Greek theatre (ital. Teatro Greco).

Along the top row of seats in a rock set skerries — too stone quarries, but smaller. Greek workings in the rocks

Greek workings in the rocks
The Greek workings in rocks. Skerries and the necropolis.

View Syracuse from the Greek theatre
From above the good views Syracuse.

In the Archaeological Park of interest is still a small nice church of St. Nicholas (XII century) and the crypt of Archimedes.


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