70 years from the beginning of Winter war between the USSR and Finland

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In November, 29th, 2009 on tank range in Kamenka members of military-historical clubs of St.-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk have gathered to win back fight of the Soviet-Finnish war 1939-1940 which has begun 70 years ago.

Helmets and rifles on positions of Finns of a photo — Winter war

This war in another way still name «Winter» and «Unknown».

About hundred the participants, two armored cars, pyrotechnics have allowed to recreate the maximum realism of events, mainly thanks to reconstructors. Unfortunately, the soundtrack was only the first minutes and fight was not made comments at all. As a result it has turned out pair of ten photos of military-historical reconstruction fight of the Soviet-Finnish war, despite weak illumination because of it is abnormal low overcast that day.

War with an ulterior motive named the «Unknown». Events of those years were ignored, as Councils, and Finns. Parts Red Army went to release the Finnish workers and peasants, Finns defended the freedom. Parts of Red Army, having overwhelming numerical superiority, and could not win this war, an outcome became: Transfer of the USSR of Kola peninsula, Vyborg also is removed border from Murmansk. Each of the parties considered won, but this victory rather conditional and to speak about it it was not accepted.


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