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Large industrial regional centre of Russia. The first city in Russia in which concentration of cattle has exceeded 100 % of the population. Set гопов occupy it dirty and curve small streets. Broken lanterns is, some kind of, the charm favourably distinguishing this city. The city centre is unique: it is a dirt, pigs, garbage, the heavy industry enterprises. Voronezh during a time of flowering of poplars when all chernozem on 5 and more centimetres becomes covered by down is fine!

local natives hold sacred sports trousers and the varnished shoes on босу a head. However, it is necessary to give due, what not all inhabitants of Voronezh the such. Fascists whom it is visible far off on braces, to the rolled up blue jeans and Gestapo to a sight come across still.
«Chyo?»,«What is the time?»,«allow phone to smoke!»,«you with what district?» — святы phrases in a lexicon.

«ring» (drinking place №1, it is filled up by bottles in 3 layers), «Stella» (drinking a place №2), «Admiraltejka","Ford» — a set literally all sights of Voronezh.

Press — Circus with nearby park on a place of an ancient cemetery — «Live and Dead» is surprising. As it is necessary to add that on entrance from the party Moscow there is a horse with huge eggs exactly in Voronezh is thought up on weddings to break about a handrail of the ancient Stone bridge 3-litre jars with honey.

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