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Prince St. Vladimir's Cathedral on another — a cathedral Sacred Equal to the Apostles prince (knyaz) Vladimir. The five-domed cathedral with three-tiered a belltower is erected in 1765 to year by architect A.Rinaldi on a place of wooden church of sacred Nikolay (1708 year).
In 1772 to year has burst the fire which destroyed a wooden Uspensky cathedral and has damaged yet not completed stone. Building has been renewed only спусть 11 years in 1783 to year by architect I. E. Starov. In the architectural plan the building is solved in style, from baroque to classicism. Facades are dismembered by pilasters Doric warrants, alternating windows; nearby the belltower is built 57-metre. The cathedral is recognised by one of masterpieces of temple architecture of an Ekaterina`s epoch. Inside there are no lists, except the image of four Evangelists which K. Bryullov`s brushes, on one of versions of researchers, can belong. The cathedral is decorated by copies from pictures «Mourning of the Christ» Paolo Veronese and Raphael`s «Transformation», placed on temple West side. The iconostasis of a cathedral executed empire, is a masterpiece of art woodcarving. In an altar the big composition «Sacred Evharistija» — a copy of a list of the Kiev Vladimir cathedral of a brush of V.Vasnetsova is located.
In 1845 year, under the decree emperor Nikolay I, the Prince St. Vladimir's Cathedral has been made by a temple of Gentlemen of the Award of Sacred Prince Vladimir of all degrees. The Award sign is over a front entrance in a cathedral. The award motto — «Advantage, honour and glory».
Cathedral was one of few temples of a city who operated during the Second World War and blockade.

Is in immediate proximity from the underground Sports, opposite to sport centre «Anniversary».

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