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Walking on St.-Petersburg — pay attention to decor of bridges at the Engineering Castle. Lattices of fencings, elements of lampposts — all is penetrated by military subjects. These are spears, swords, boards, helmets etc., etc. As it is wide replicated a detail the image of a head of Meduzy Gorgony that should frighten off evil ghosts, evil spirits, any misfortunes and trouble is. The same decorative receptions meet and on bridges through the Moyka and the Ioanovsky bridge through the Kronverksky channel on the Zayachiy (hare) island.

one of the most recognised details is the part of a lattice of the Summer garden — a quarter of a circle from dispersing from the centre spears. For example the same decorative element prolongs a protection near Kronverka, a fencing of the Mihajlovsky garden and meets nearby propileas of Smolnogo.
Numerous arms and heraldic elements are used on all city. On attics and over main entrances in buildings, on lattices of fencings.

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