Panorama of the Staroladozh Fortress

Panorama of the Old Ladoga Fortress photo - Staraya Ladoga
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18.05.2019  15:12

Panorama of the Staroladozh Fortress, view of the Arrow Tower, the Elena River (Ladozhka) and the Volkhov.

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photos near Staraya Ladoga
  • Falcon is a symbol of the dynasty of Rurikovich
  • Arrow Tower
  • Panorama of the Staroladozh Fortress
  • Monument to Rurik and the Prophetic Oleg
  • Archaeological Museum

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Staraya Ladoga is a village in the Leningrad region, once the capital of Russia, now there is the oldest stone fortress, the grave of the Wise Oleg, ancient temples and monasteries.



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