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Photo of St.-Petersburg. Seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Day landscapes, night sketches and colourful sunsets. Many-sided and majestic architecture of Petersburg. Its inhabitants and his life, a city and suburbs. All Saint-Petersburg, Russian second capital.


Night city

photograph at Difficult night, but it of that costs! Peter in night photos is more tremendous is beautiful.


Sunsets over Neva bewitching on beauty. And not only over Neva.

New Year

Pictures New Year`s St.-Petersburg. A meeting of 2008.

Aero photo

City from the helicopter


Winter photos of St.-Petersburg


Lanterns, elements of lattices and fences, details of decor of buildings.

Rivers and channels

Time a city on water also magnificent kinds of quays — it is enough.

Everyday life

Holidays in a city on Neva, an event in St.-Petersburg.

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