Casket of Russian folk proverbs

Casket of Russian folk proverbs photo - Penza
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11.08.2019  12:22

Casket of Russian folk proverbs in the eponymous square Penza: Opened on November 132010year.

Author: Honored Artist of Russia Valery Kuznetsov. The sculptural composition was created as part of the MegaFon Gives the Legend project. For example, Ufathe company gave" Kunitsa Lodge".

The inscription on the pedestal: “The hero of the sculptural composition is a resident the city of Penza, Ivan Lachinov, a descendant of the first Penza governor, a brave soldier, a well-known collector of Russian proverbs and sayings. "

The most famous Russian proverbs and sayings are carved on the sides:" the courage of the city takes "," Today we must take care of what will happen tomorrow "," you can’t catch a fish from a pond without difficulty "and" an old friend is better than the new two. "

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Penza is the administrative center of the Penza region, once an outpost on the southeastern borders of Russia.


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