Cenotaph N.P. Rezanov

Cenotaph N. P. Rezanova photo - Krasnoyarsk
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07.08.2019  12:47

Cenotaph N.P. Rezanova, Krasnoyarsk, Peace Square. Despite the fact that Rezanov’s grave is marked in guides and maps, it’s not so, therefore it’s not a tombstone, but a cenotaph. The supposed burial place of Rezanov is located at Troitsky Cemetery.

Write: “In the summer of August 1831, this monument was erected on the 16th day of the maintenance of the Russian-American company to commemorate the unforgettable services rendered to it by the real chamberlain Nikolai Petrovich Rez new, who was returning from America to Russia, died in Krasnoyarsk on March 1, 1807, and was buried on the 13th of the same month.

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