Celebratory fireworks

Celebratory fireworks photo - Navy Day
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26.07.2009  23:10

Celebratory salute in Navy Day. The feast ending on Senatskaya Square.


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Salutes, fireworks, pyrotechnic shows in St.-Petersburg. The most colourful and entertainment light show, certainly, — «Scarlet Sails» — the holiday of graduates which is passing in the end of June. By all means pass salutes and on other big holidays: Day ... →


Senatskaya Square  Is renamed into the square of Decembrists in memory of revolt of revolutionaries of noble family on December, 14th ­1825 Before the area was called as Senatorial, on the Senate and Synod building. In Catherine II board the ... →


St.-Petersburg is based in 1703 to year.

coast of the Neva delta from of old were a part of the earths of Great Novgorod. Neva — one of sites of an ... →


White nights  Poetical name of the phenomenon of northern widths connected with rotation of the earth and increase of light day in summer months. Apogee is day of a summer solstice on 22nd of June, when night the shortest in a year. In St.-Petersburg the phenomenon not on is bright, as behind Polar circle so much, but the word combination ... →



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