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In the cities of Russia there are not only monuments to leaders / figures, but also sculptures in honor of working specialties.

St. Petersburg

Monument to the Water Delivery Man Photo - Everyday Life
Monument to the water distributor on the territory of the "Museum of Water".

Sculpture of a lamplighter photo - St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

Sculpture of a lamplighter, open-air museum of lanterns, Odessa street.

Sculpture Chimney sweep photo - Details
Sculpture " Chimney sweep " on the wall of house No. 7 on Bolshaya Moskovskaya street.


Monument to the brewer photo - Samara
The sculptural composition " Samara brewer ". Volzhsky prospect, house 4.


Lefty photo - Chelyabinsk
The sculpture "Lefty" personifies the image of the Ural craftsman. Chelyabinsk, Kirov street.

Sculpture Postman
Sculpture "Postman". Chelyabinsk, Kirov street.

Sculpture Carriage
Sculpture "Carriage", address: Chelyabinsk, Kirov street.


Locksmith Stepanych
Locksmith Stepanych - a monument to a plumber at the intersection of Lenin and Karl Liebknecht streets. One of the most remarkable sculptures in Omsk!


Sculpture Wayfarers
Sculpture "Wayfarers". Vokzalnaya street near the Old Station ( Museum of History, Science and Technology of the Sverdlovsk Railways ).

Sculpture Conductor
Sculpture "Conductor"

Sculpture Woman with a sledgehammer

Sculpture "Woman with a sledgehammer" ("Sleeper").

Sculpture Stationmaster
Sculpture "Stationmaster".

Sculpture Steelmaker reading a newspaper
Sculpture "Steelmaker reading a newspaper" near the estate of P. M. Utyakov (street Klara Tsetkin, 1).

Velikiy Novgorod

Sculpture 'monter and cat'
Sculpture "A monter and a cat" near the building of the Polytechnic College of NovSU, Bolshaya St. Petersburg St., 46.


Steam locomotive-monument Er 787-70 and railroad workers
Steam locomotive-monument Er 787-70 and railroad workers (driver, driver's assistant and fireman).


Monument to the builders of the BAM
Monument to the builders of the BAM, Bodrov Square.


Monument to the miners
Monument to the miners, park opposite the administration.

Ore bearer
Sculpture " Ore bearer ", Neryungri, park opposite the administration.

Monument to the first builders of Neryungri
Monument to the first builders of Neryungri. A monument not far from the intersection of Geologov Avenue and Komsomolskaya Street.


Sculpture Remembrance of a sailor abroad
Sculpture "Remembrance of a sailor abroad", the intersection of Okeansky Avenue and Admiral Fokin Street.

A memorial sign in honor of hydrographers-researchers of the Far Eastern seas
A memorial sign in honor of hydrographers-researchers of the Far Eastern seas, in front of the building of the Primorsky branch of the Geographical Society. The bell is not just like that - it's the so-called. lighthouse bell. There is also a monument to the Hydrographic Service near the Hydrographic Service of the Pacific Fleet.

Tractor-monument "To the builders of the Russian bridge from grateful descendants." Pospelovo village, Russky island.


Monument to the Automobile-worker, photo - Chita
Monument "Automobile-worker", Chita, on the territory of the Trans-Baikal railway car depot, Kirpichno-Zavodskaya street. A GAZ-63 is installed on the pedestal. Trailed plow "Worker" mod. 1954 and a foundation stone from Baikal in honor of the first virgin lands. Chita, a park near the house on Leningradskaya street, 15a. Locomotive-monument to the railway workers of Transbaikalia for their contribution to the Victory. An Ea series steam locomotive (Ea-2233) is installed near ZabIZhT. There is a separate large collection of steam locomotives, most of which were installed in honor of the valiant labor of railway workers.

Trailed plow Truzhenik photo - Chita

Steam locomotive monument to railway workers of Transbaikalia photo - Chita


Monument to surveyors photo - Irkutsk
Monument to surveyors-prospectors on the Angara embankment. Sculpture " The First Teacher ", Irkutsk, Angara embankment.

Sculpture The First Teacher photo - Irkutsk


Monument to the teacher photo - Krasnoyarsk
Monument to the teacher. The young teacher seems to be leading the lesson. Krasnoyarsk Central Park.

Sculpture Uncle Yasha and the intern photo - Krasnoyarsk
Sculpture " Uncle Yasha and the intern ", Krasnoyarsk, near the house number 41 on the street Paris Commune.


Sculpture Fishermen photo - Petrozavodsk
The sculpture "Fishermen" on the embankment of Lake Onega, donated by the sister city of Duluth (Minnesota, USA). Russian and American fishermen throw a net together - as conceived by the author, this symbolizes joint creative work.


Trawl photos - Rybinsk
Sculpture "Trawl" on the Rybinsk embankment.

Burlak photos - Rybinsk

Plumber sculpture
A sculpture of a plumber .


Firefighter photo - Vladimir
Sculpture "fireman". In the background, near a part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a fire engine is installed on a pedestal.

Vladimir, Georgievskaya street.


Firefighter dummy on the tower
A sculpture of a fireman (dummy) is on duty at the fire tower. Fire station ( 1881 - 1882 years of construction), Kurgan, Kuibysheva street, 62.
I have met similar ones in St. Petersburg, Omsk, Ufa .

Nizhny Novgorod

Postman with a bicycle photo - Nizhny Novgorod
A postman with a bicycle - next to the Main Post Office (at the intersection of Bolshaya and Malaya Pokrovsky streets).


Sculpture Plumber photo - Perm
Sculpture "Plumber" near Pushkin Baths (Perm, intersection of Krasnaya Zvezda and Pushkin streets). The locksmith rests after a hard day and listens to the sound of the sea from a giant shell.


Sculptural composition Plumber photo - Tyumen
Sculptural composition " Plumber " at the intersection of Sovetskaya and Vodoprovodnaya streets. The locksmith got out of the hatch and smiles at the passers-by.

Sculpture Electrician photo - Novosibirsk
Sculpture "Electrician", street of the Shamshin Family (near house number 80).

Sculptural composition Final touch photo - Penza
Sculptural composition " The final touch " (monument to the jewelers of Penza).


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