The most interesting and unusual sculptures and art objects in Russia. Part 7

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Playing tiger cubs
The amusing sculpture group “Playing Tigers” on Myasnitskaya Street, next to the house 40s4. Tiger cubs are called upon to draw the attention of citizens and guests of the capital to the problem of preserving the wildlife of Russia, in particular, the magnificent Amur tiger. Cast and mounted on donations from sponsors.

Monument to the Front Dog

Monument to the Front Dog.
In the Great Patriotic War, dogs blew up more than 300 tanks, delivered over 120 thousand combat reports, and carried out about 700 thousand wounded from the battlefield.

Monument to Yuri Nikulin
Monument to Yuri Nikulin in front of the entrance to the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.


Countrywoman Lukyan
Decorative construction " Countryman Lukyan " near the Cathedral Square on the Kama embankment.

Sculptures on the waterfront
There are several art objects on the embankment - a horseshoe, a bridge, an arch.

Art object Horseshoe

Forged tree
Shod tree.

Art object

Princess Frog
Princess Frog :)

130 years of Perm water supply
130 years of Perm water supply, decorative column in the park named after F.M. Reshetnikov.

Happiness is not far away

The art object “Happiness is just around the corner” is young, but has already managed to become one of the symbols of Perm, however, vandals with enviable regularity tear off the “not” particle.

The sculpture "Kama River"
The sculpture "Kama River" in the park in front of the Ural Hotel.

The sculpture "Perm Bear"
The sculpture "Perm Bear" in the park in front of the Ural Hotel.

The sculpture "Perm Bear"
The bear is very popular.

The sculpture "Perm - salty ears"
The sculpture Permyak - salty ears on Komsomolsky Prospekt near the Prikamye Hotel. The monument was unveiled on April 1, 2006. The author of the image is Rustam Ismagilov.

Sculpture by photographer

Bear sculpture
A sculpture of a bear near the Regional Center for the Development of Creativity of Children and Youth.

Decorative building "Cat on the Battery"
The decorative construction “Cat on Battery” was installed in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Perm energy system. In Samara, a similar sculpture, of course at times funnier :)

Sculptures on Komsomolsky Avenue
Sculptures on Komsomolsky Avenue (9 photos).
On Komsomolsky Prospekt in Perm there are many diverse avant-garde sculptures. More to this in the cities of Russia! This one is a Potapka bear.

Monument piggy bank to a homeless cat
Monument-piggy bank to a homeless cat in the Central Amusement Park. Maxim Gorky.

The sculpture "Plumber"
The sculpture "Plumber" near the Pushkin baths (Perm, the intersection of Krasnaya Zvezda and Pushkin streets). Locksmith resting after a hard day and listening to the sound of the sea from a giant shell. Young women dreaming of a hardworking husband with the soul of a poet make a wish for this sculpture. They say it comes true.

Monument to the first traffic light
The monument to the first traffic light near the Specialized Installation and Maintenance Department of the Perm Territory, whose workers spotted one of the first traffic lights in Perm, was repaired and installed on August 5, 2010.

Sculpture "Apple"
The sculpture "Apple" near the Regional Library. Gorky.

Art object "Scarab beetle"
Art object "Scarab beetle" in the Rock Garden (square 250th anniversary of Perm).

Perm Gate
"Perm Gate" - a huge letter P from logs in the Stone Garden (square 250th anniversary of Perm). Separately: Monuments and sculptures of Perm (43 photos).

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