The recipe for the fight against terrorism

A third world war, in my understanding, a long time goes on and in full growth. It would seem impossible to defeat the hydra, and terrorists, as well as hackers always play a proactive, despite all the security measures, which will never be adequate.

But the recipe is simple: a terror against jihadists. Well, let's call it «fighting supporters of terrorists», as is happening in Chechnya - Kadyrov did not hesitate to demolish the house bulldozed relatives, human rights and liberal trash though squeals a little, but without effect.

And another example: you remember, our (russian) ferry in Turkey was taken a few years ago? Do you remember that the Turks did? They arrested hostage by a couple of hundred relatives of terrorists, with up to three times removed-cousins. And delivered an ultimatum: 24 hours for delivery or police arrested all be shot.

So that. Any other chewing snot inefficient and useless. You, the Europeans, and will twice a year, and then more often, to paint the Eiffel Tower in regular color caps and share-tolerant slogans.

P.S. Sorry for my English.


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