Putin's daily

6:00 wake up
6:15 gymnastics
6:30 breakfast
7:00 frighten Balts
7:30 play with a dog in Gestapo
8:00 send 200-thousand horse-diving contingent of Buryats to Donbass
9:00 on behalf of Vovan call to senator McCain, to complain of the pro-Kremlin revolution in Limpopo — overthrow of tyrant Barmaley and coming to power of the protege of the Kremlin Ajbolit
9:30 give the order frighten destroyer USS «Donald Cook» in Black sea (so-called «cooking» — chase destroyer scabby rags on Russian seas)
10:00 hack the Pentagon, get documents about jude-reptiloids and introduction how States put they to world governments
10:30 include a bidet mode in a toilet of Tramp
11:00 at last to hack a brain to several russian and foreign liberals. To put aside the typewriter.
12:00 give the order to Shojgu to move rockets along borders and spend sudden check of battle readiness of all combat arms
13:00 dinner. Cutlets «Crimenians» (without fennel)
13:30 inform instructions to protesting Agents of the Kremlin on the Maidan
14:00 inform instructions to Putin's progovernmental Agents on the Maidan
14:30 frighten Poles
15:00 give the order is reserved to attack the bridge by pair Abrams in territory of Poland
15:30 instruct to «merge» in the western mass-media the information on expansion S-400 in Georgia
16:00 raise tariffs of housing and communal services to Ukrainians
16:30 send a submarine to coast of Sweden, Norway and Belarus
17:00 listen reports of majors KGB Savchenko, Semenchenko and Parasjuk
17:30 add new sanctions to the western partners
18:00 to imprison any governor
18:30 to imprison some of liberal, legal experts, civil active worker, russophob and intellectual (consider gay), 5 to shoot (personally)
19:00 supper. Ragout from a hedgehog
20:00 confirm the schedule of Russian attacks next week
21:00 send CNN, NBS and NYT the confidential lie data
22:00 dump a call of the drunk president of the Ukraine
23:00 hockey with friends


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